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National human genome project-Whole Genome Sequencing

National human genome project provides an opportunity to describe the genetic background of inhabitants within the country. Investigation of traits or disorders can facilitate understanding the genetic distribution of the population within the country. On the other hand, National human genome project can be a useful resource for the understand the genetic diseases in the population and predict their risks, which contribute to the development of precision medicine.

Library preparation

Sequencing Bioinformatic analysis

MGIEasy Universal DNA Library Prep Set


MegaBOLT Bioinformics analysis accelerator
 -WGS germline mutation analysis process

 -WGS somatic mutation analysis process

MGIEasy FS DNA Library Prep Set MGISEQ-200(PE100、PE150)
MGIEasy PCR-Free DNA Library Prep Set DNBSEQ-G400(PE100、PE150)
MGIEasy FS PCR-Free DNA Library Prep Set DNBSEQ-G50(PE100、PE150)
MGISP-100 DNBSEQ-T7(PE100、PE150)
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