MGI launches first "benchtop” sequencing laboratory and automation products — accelerating portable, intelligent and flexible genetic sequencing
Accelerating portable, intelligent and flexible genetic sequencing
The fantastic world of single cells in the pocket |global launch of DNBelab C series free test
In the world of Pokémon, the "monsters" thrown out from Ash Ketchum 's pockets can be adorable Charmander, cute Pikachu, or cool Squirtle. These "Pokémon" from the Poké Ball brought as many surprises and memories as possible to the audience a
MGI and AmCare Genomics Laboratory reached strategic cooperation in genetic diseases
Recently, Shenzhen MGI Technology Co., Ltd. and AmCare Genomics Laboratory reached a strategic cooperation agreement in the clinical application direction of single gene genetic disease detection. AmCare Genomics Laboratory will develop a whole-process overall solution for genetic testing of single-gene genetic diseases based on MGI's high-throughput sequencing platform to realize the localization, automation and intelligence of genetic disease testing from sample to report interpretation.
The Million Microbiome of Humans Project (MMHP) officially launched to build the world's largest human microbiome database
The "Million Microbiome of Humans Project" (MMHP) was officially launched at the 14th International Conference on Genomics (ICG-14) in Shenzhen. Scientists from China, Sweden, Denmark, France, Latvia and other countries will cooperate in microbial
MGI Demonstrates Success of New CoolMPS™ Sequencing Chemistry on PCR-free DNBSEQ™ Platform
MGI, a subsidiary of global genomics leader BGI Group, said early research results from its revolutionary CoolMPS™ proprietary sequencing technology performed with high accuracy, reproducibility and cost effectiveness, leading the way toward more efficient and accurate Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS). MGI also reported that its DNBSEQ-T7 genetic sequencer, the world's most powerful, was successfully delivered to multiple customers in China.
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