DNBelab C-TaiM 4
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DNBelab C-TaiM 4

The DNBelab C-TaiM 4 is a portable droplet generator designed to encapsulate single cells into droplets for 1-4 samples in one run. It is meticulously crafted to facilitate high-throughput single-cell RNA and ATAC in any setting. Engineered by MGI, this compact device seamlessly integrates advanced technologies, including dual-bead cell capture, a microfluidic droplet generator, and state-of-the-art computing modules. These robust features empower researchers to execute intricate genomic analyses in any location at any time.
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Independent and Flexible

Cell ceparation and labeling, 1 to 4 samples.

Compatible With Multiple Omics

Compatible with sc3'RNA, scATAC.


Isolation and labeling of cells/nucleus, ATAC-6 min, 3’RNA-9 min.

Application Environment

Precision pressure-driven droplet microfluidic technology, running below an altitude of 2.5 km.

Performance Parameter

DNBelab C-TaiM 4

Precision negative pressure-driven microfluidic oil-encapsulated water droplet generation

290 mm × 210 mm × 230 mm
5000 g

Run times

ATAC (6 mins), 3’RNA (9 mins)

1~4 samples/run

Recovery cells

2 K~20 K (3’ RNA); 3 K~15K (ATAC)


3’RNA, Detected gene per cell >2000 (PBMC);

ATAC, Fragements ≥10K (Mouse brain nucleus)

Multiplet rate

0.4%/1,000 Cells

Sample requirement

Sample types

Cells, Nucleus, Protoplasts, PBMCs

Cell viability/ Integrity of the nucleus


Cell diameter

<40 μm


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