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Agricultural Genomics: Enhancing Crop and Livestock Productivity

With the growing global population, changing climate, and environmental pressures, the agricultural sector faces the urgent need to develop crops and livestock with higher productivity, greater tolerance to environmental stresses, and reduced reliance on pesticides.

Agricultural genomics offers advanced tools and methodologies to address these challenges by leveraging genetic information to improve the traits of interest in plants and animals.

MGl: Provide Tools and Platform for Genetic Insights

MGI has established an international platform to support farmers, breeders, and researchers in identifying genetic loci linked to desirable traits. Utilizing sequencing-based technologies, MGI provides flexible and attractive solutions that facilitate the acceleration of research, breeding, and cultivation programs.

The AgriHigh Low-pass Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) Package is designed for agricultural breeding applications using DNBSEQ™ technology. This package provides an efficient and comprehensive solution tailored for low-pass WGS, offering flexibility, scalability, and adaptability to meet various operational demands.

Publications in Agricultural Genomics Research

Chromosome-Level Genome for Toxicodendron vernicifluum:
Researchers sequenced the genome to provide insights into Anacardiaceae evolution and urushiol biosynthesis using DNBSEQ™ and Oxford Nanopore platforms.
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Whole-Genome Sequences of Bombyx mori Breeding Lines:
Sequencing of 37 breeding lines established since the 1960s provides valuable resources for understanding the B. mori genome and its phenotypes.
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Genetic Architecture of Economic Traits in Pigs:
A new low-coverage whole-genome sequencing strategy was developed to obtain high-density SNP markers for a large Duroc pig population, enhancing cost and time efficiency.
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Mapping QTL Controlling Plant Height in Brassica napus:
Using the DNBSEQ-G400* platform, researchers identified a key QTL locus controlling plant height in rapeseed, aiding in breeding programs for optimized plant stature.
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