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MegaBOLT bioinformatics analysis accelerator (hereinafter called MegaBOLT) is an MGI self-developed and NGS-concentrated hardware accelerating system for bioinformatics analysis. MegaBOLT supports the analysis of Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) and Whole Exome including Germline and Somatic Sequencing (WES) and is 20 times faster than the traditional GATK approach. Fast, integrated, easy to use, and economic are MegaBOLT's most prominent features. It resolves the four major difficult problems in bioinformatics computing: slow analysis speed, complicated scheduling, difficult to use, and high-priced computing.

MegaBOLT products include the workstation and rack server, which can be applied to various scenarios such as laboratories, hospitals, research institutes, or service companies of all scales.
MegaBOLT bioinformatics analysis accelerator Introduction
Heterogeneous computing system of CPU and FPGA accommodates high-speed sequence analysis
MegaBOLT对GATK 3.7 Haplotype Caller与GATK 4.0 We implemented a hardware acceleration on the GATK 3.7 haplotype Caller and GATK 4.0 Mutect2 variant detection algorithm, as well as on other modules in the workflow and achieved an overall acceleration of 16× to 20×.

MegaBOLT's heterogeneous computing system of CPU and FPGA manages the input of FASTQ sequencing data and output of VCF/gVCF variant detection result, and BAM alignment result.

The FPGA hardware logic circuit is specially designed for bioinformatics computing to increase its analysis speed. We adopted a multi-stream computing architecture for FPGA and divide data into smaller granules for higher efficiency. We also further streamlined the whole process and developed a highly parallelized computing architecture, thus realizing highspeed WGS/WES analysis and computing.

MegaBOLT workflow
MegaBOLT adopts the heterogeneous computing system of CPU and FPGA, which greatly improves the analysis speed. Germline shortens the 100 Gbp WGS analysis duration to 2.2 hours and 26 Gbp WES analysis duration to 30 minutes. Somatic shortens the 240 Gbp WGS analysis duration to 5 hours and 48 Gbp WES analysis duration to 50 minutes

The heterogeneous computing system of CPU and FPGA, further optimized algorithm, together with the FPGA accelerator contribute to a 20 times faster speed in massive data analysis.
MegaBOLT fast speed in massive data analysis
MegaBOLT is integrated with various functions including sequencing, data quality control, computing and analysis, and result statistics. All functions can be called and run automatically, which saves a lot of post sequencing work. When MegaBOLT is deployed together with sequencers of the BGISEQ and MGISEQ series or sequencers provided by other companies, a smooth sequencing and analysis workflow will be formed.
MegaBOLT smooth sequencing and analysis workflow
Easy to use
The Web design makes MegaBOLT simple and easy to use. You can just click a couple of buttons to submit a task and check the results on the website, instead of inputting dull complicated command lines. In this case, a bioinformatic technical background is no longer necessary.
With a prominent speedup in computing and rigid control over hardware prime cost, MegaBOLT is without doubt highly cost-effective.The computing cost remains the same irrespective of the data quantity.
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Onlne Analyse
Megabolt also integrates cloud computing technology and goes online analysis on BGI online cloud platform, providing a more flexible and efficient solution for gene data analysis. Fully meet the needs of users in all aspects.
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