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MGISP-960 High-throughput Automated Sample Preparation System is a flexible, fully automated workstation with 96-channel pipette. MGISP-960 has validated lots of library kits including WES/WGS/RNA and so on. MGISP-960, with fully automatic operation design, can realize unmanned process and be customized according to customer needs. It is an efficient and widely-used automated sample preparation system.

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Comprehensive functions: integrated the necessary function modules including PCRmachine, magnetic rack, temp. modules, etc
Economic and efficient: truly unmanned system, processes samples in batches, greatly reducing manpower input
Comprehensive protection: integrated uv lamp and laminar flow hood, comprehensive pollution prevention design
Open platform: support customized development according to different needs

Performance Parameter

Standard: 96 samples/run
Pipette Type

Fixed 96 channel

Pipette Range 1 μL~200 μL
Pipette Accuracy

2 μL: <±10%   200 μL: <±1%

Pipette CV

2 μL: <5%       200 μL: <1%

PCR Range


PCR Accuracy

±0.3℃ at 55℃

PCR Uniformity

±0.2℃ at 72℃
Temperature Control Module Range 4~90℃
Temperature Control Module Accuracy ±1℃ at 55℃
Temperature Control Module uniformity ±1℃ at 72℃

Robot Arm Positioning Accuracy


Laminar Flow Hood


UV Lamp

Radiation dose higher than 100 000μW.s/cm2

System Parameter

  • Working Environment

    Temperature: 19℃~25℃

    Humidity: 20%RH~80%RH,non-condensing

    Atmospheric pressure: 80kPa~106kPa

  • Power & Dimensions & Weight

    Voltage: 200V~240V, 50/60Hz

    Rated Power: the standard configuration - less than 2,000 VA

    Dimensions(L×W×H): 1240mm×740mm×1110mm

    Weight: 250kg

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