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Genetic linkage map

A linkage map (also known as a genetic map) is a table for a species or experimental population that shows the position of its known genes or genetic markers relative to each other in terms of recombination frequency, rather than a specific physical distance along each chromosome. It can be applicated in areas of QTL location, assisting genome assembly, marker assisted selection.

The advantage of the MGI

1) A One-stop solution combines library preparation, sequencing and data analysis

2) appropriate for WGS and GBS

3) Multiple sequencing modes are supported

Library preparation High-throughput sequencing Data analysis
MGIEasy FS PCR-Free DNA Library Prep Set DNBSEQ-G400 MegaBOLT bioinformatics analysis accelerator
MGIEasy PCR-Free DNA Library Prep Set
MGIEasy Universal DNA Library Prep Set
MGIEasy RAD Library Prep Kit
MGISP-100 Automated Sample Preparation System

MGISP-960 High-throughput Automated Sample Preparation System

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