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Product introduction

MGIUS-R3, the robotic ultrasound system developed independently by Shenzhen MGI TECH CO., LTD. In order to solve the problem of shortage of ultrasound doctors in rural areas and heavy workload for current doctors, MGIUS-R3 is developed by integration of robotics, teleoperation and ultrasound imaging technology. Breaking through the limitations of traditional ultrasound scanning method, bridging the gap between time and space, improving the uneven distribution of medical resources, providing the best medical service to all.

product feature

Remote scanning over long distance and real-time diagnoses.
Build-in intelligent workstation.
Multiple safety protection.
Integrated design.

Application scenarios

Community Health Centres
Mobile workstation

Performance parameter

The doctor can control the scanner remotely down to milliseconds using MGIUS-R3 and offer the patient near-synchronised ultrasound scan experience over long distance.
The robot arm can move up to 850mm in diameter with high flexibility and precise positioning in ±0.1mm. The whole process simulates human hand operation and perfectly reproduces an expert ultrasound scanning experience.
The doctor can receive real-time ultrasound scan results through remote readjustment and control of ultrasound imaging parameters, including scan frequency, voltage gain, depth etc.
MGIUS-R3 is also equipped with a high-definition audio and video communication system, allowing real-time communication between doctor and patient as if they were talking to each other in person.
Reasonable permission control ensures data security.
The integrated functions of patient registration, image acquisition, diagnostic editing, case inquiry, one-stop data management system and comprehensive functions results in improved work efficiency.
The large-capacity built-in hard disk is compatible with a variety of formats such as USB and DVD-RW, allowing for hassle-free data storage.
Real-time force feedback applied between the probe and the human body.
A smart force protection mechanism as well as an emergency stop to keep the patient safe.
Reasonable layout for all the components without interference.
Reasonable balance weight based on precise calculation and rigorous structural design. Maintain the solid state even under working.

System parameters



Operating environment**

Temperature:0℃ ~ 40℃

Humidity:30%RH ~ 80%RH,With no condensation


Waterproof level:IPX0

Power requirements on the doctor's site

Power source type:220-240VAC,50/60Hz

Rated power consumption:500VA



Power requirements on the Patient’s site

Power source type:220-240VAC,50/60Hz

Rated power consumption:800VA



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