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MGI Showcases Sequencing Technology at Korea Genome Organization Symposium

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MGI, a subsidiary of BGI Group, exhibited its genetic sequencer MGISEQ-2000 in conjunction with the local distributor BMS at the 15th KOGO Winter Symposium organized by Korea Genome Organization February 11-13, drawing extensive attention in the Korean NGS market.

Dr. Chen Fang introduced the ultra-high-throughput genetic sequencer MGISEQ-T7 in her presentation to the Korean audience. She also introduced the history of sequencing technology and how MGI is dedicated to improving the availability and affordability of the technology through innovation. MGI's sequencers, combined with  disruptive stLFR technology, will enable us to reach the era of a perfect WGS. MGI's newest model, MGISEQ-T7, can produce up to 6Tb of daily data and support national population health projects with improved speed, efficiency and affordability.

Earlier this year during the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, MGI announced that the 1000th MGI sequencer was installed for LAS (Life is Art of Science Co., Ltd.), a company working on genomic research and developing NGS-based clinical diagnostic applications in South Korea. "We made a great choice with MGISEQ-2000 sequencer," said Dr. Dongho Kim, Lab Director of LAS. "We experienced high accuracy and user-friendly protocols for DNA and RNA sequencing, in addition to the relatively low running cost."

With its local customers and partners, MGI expects to expand in the Korean market to support research and healthcare applications of genetic sequencing.

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