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  • 2013 MGI Events

    Successful acquisition of U.S. company Complete Genomics | March 2013

    Intense industry competition made us even more determined to acquire the listed company Complete Genomics. We have been able to reduce costs right from the inception stage by utilizing CG's cutting-edge biotechnologies and instrument technologies.

    2013 MGI Events
  • 2014 MGI Events
    The BGISEQ-1000 sequencing system | July 2014

    The system was approved by the State Food and Drug Administration in 2014, and this development generated much market buzz for related stocks.

    2014 MGI Events
  • 2015 MGI Events
    The BGISEQ-500 high-throughput desktop sequencing system | Oct 2015

    MGI Tech has complete ownership of intellectual property rights to the device. It can satisfy all clinical needs, and at full speed, can complete the entire sequencing process within 24 hours. BGISEQ-500 has received CFDA and CE approval successively. Supports the development of precise medicine and brings the benefits of gene technology to the people.

    The Revolocity sequencing system | June 2015

    The Revolocity is a fully-integrated "super sequencer", with its first users being Mater, a health services provider in Australia, and the Nijmegen University Medical Center in the Netherlands.

    2015 MGI Events
  • 2016 MGI Events
    The BGISEQ-50 high-throughput desktop sequencing system | Nov 2016

    Broad array of applications with no constraints in terms of space. Suitable for use at low-pressure, high-altitude environments. Multiple integrated functions are enclosed within its compact and simple structure, and its small footprint makes for easy placement.

    BGISEQ-500n Total Solution | May 2016

    BGISEQ-500n aims at different sequencing application needs, and optimizes the configuration of various BGISEQ-500 to build flexiblely large, medium and small sequencing platforms. It also strives to provide the most efficient and convenient solution forscientific researchers.

    2016 MGI Events
  • 2017 MGI Events


    Remark: DNBSEQ-G400 and DNBSEQ-G50 remain their original product names as MGISEQ-2000 and MGISEQ-200 respectively in China and some other overseas countries.

    Two new sequencers for more power and lower cost, as well as a highly integrated modular NGS workstation and a remote robotic ultrasound system for exploring more possibility of the future.

    Circulating tumor cell separator (CTC) | Sep 2017

    Technology and intelligence come together perfectly in this epoch-making clinical trial that enhances the separation and enrichment efficiency by as much as 100,000 times, with a user-oriented, fully-automated, real-time smart cell-seeking technology. The tumor has nowhere to hide

    ISO 13485 | July 2017

    MGI obtained the 13485 medical device quality management system certification.

    Mobile Medical Vehicle | April 2017

    The launch of mobile medical vehicles provided a solid guarantee for the screening of echinococcosis in remote areas of China.

    2017 MGI Events
  • 2018 MGI Events

    Ultra-high-throughput sequencer, DNBSEQ-T7 (initially named MGISEQ-T7)| October 2018

    Launched ultra-high-throughput sequencer, DNBSEQ-T7 (initially named MGISEQ-T7), the most powerful sequencer to date, and the high-throughput automated sample preparation system MGISP-960.Launched the new library preparation kit for single tube Long Fragment Reads (stLFR) technology.

    High-throughput Automated Sample Preparation System MGISP-960 | October 2018

    MGISP-960 high-throughput automated sample preparation system with built-in routine NGS database construction process and fully automated operation, can process 8-96 samples at one time and can be customized according to customer needs. It is a flexible with a wide usage range of automated samples preparation system.

    Launch MegaBOLT bioinformatics analysis accelerator | May 2018

    MegaBOLT adopts the heterogeneous computing system of CPU and FPGA, which greatly improves the analysis speed. It shortens the 100 Gbp WGS analysis duration to 2 hours and 6 Gbp WES analysis duration to 10 minutes.

    Win iF Design Award | Feb 2018

    BGISEQ-50 and MGIUS-R3 independently developed by MGI won two awards of iF Design Award in Germany for their breakthrough function and exquisite design in February 2018.

    2018 MGI Events
  • 2019 MGI Events

    The Global Sequencer User Program released|January 2019

    The Global Sequencer User Program was released at the 37th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference to promote collaborative innovation and development of the industry through the sharing of sequencing platforms and technologies.

    DNBSEQ E, DNBelab D and DNBelab C series|October 2019

    MGI released its new one-stop genome sequencing solution, including the portable "express" sequencing system DNBSEQ E series, the modular "digital biolab" DNBelab D series for use with the sequencing system, and a new single "cell" DNBelab C series, a handheld single-cell laboratory that can fit into a pocket.

    A new R&D and manufacturing facility in Riga, Latvia|November 2019

    In November 2019, MGI officially opened a new R&D and manufacturing facility in Riga, Latvia, aiming to build a bridge between China and Europe for health science innovation and deep experience in the European market and expand its global portfolio.

    2019 MGI Events