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MGI concluded a fruitful Technology and Application Conference of Genomics (TACG) at ICG-13

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MGI, a subsidiary of BGI group, concluded a fruitful Technology and Application Conference of Genomics (TACG) at ICG-13 on October 25. Ideas and inspirations were shared by the leading academics and business insiders at TACG, topics covering NGS technology and genomics applications.

Prof. Yang Huanming, Chairman of BGI Group made the opening remarks. He mentioned that the life science tools that MGI provides are extremely important for the study of genomics.

Among other inspiring speakers, Dr. Yasushi Okazaki and Dr. Ken Yagi, RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences, gave a speech on Sequencing Technology in Research and shared their experience of using MGI sequencers "MGISEQ-2000: the highly versatile platform to satisfy our multiple needs".

Andreas Posch, CEO of Ares Genetics, Curetis Group talked about the sequencing technology applied in infectious diseases in his wonderful presentation "Next-Generation Infectious Disease and Antibiotic Resistance Diagnostics".

Dr. Wang Ou, unveiled the new product of MGIEasy stLFR library prep kit. Adopting single tube long fragment reads (stLFR) technology, it significantly reduces the cost and complexity of long fragment library preparation.

As a leading global provider of next-generation gene sequencing machines, MGI hopes to discuss with our peers how next-generation sequencing technologies can play a better role in gene sequencing projects. We are engaged to build TACG a platform for exchange, that will help us explore more applications of genetic technology.

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