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Smart Lab System: Enable Self-growth, Self-perception, Self-decision-making and Self-Execution

MGI has launched the blockbuster Smart Lab system based on its expertise and practice in laboratory automation in recent years. It is a life-science digital platform that enables self-growth, self-perception, self-decision-making and self-execution. It enables digital management and monitoring of environmental factors from sample to data, aiming to achieve holistic quality management in a standardized, modular, automated, information-driven, and intelligent approach. It reduces reliance on manual work in complex and inefficient laboratory settings. It frees the technicians from repetitive and tedious work, and allow them to focus on priorities to maximise efficiency.

Comprehensive Information Management

MGI Smart Lab fosters intelligent technical upgrades of large-scale PCR testing, moving from automated processes to intelligent and integrated processes.

MGI Smart Lab features a IoT-based digital equipment management system and environment monitoring system covering the whole processes from sample to data. The ZTRON Laboratory Information Management System (ZLIMS) connects the hardware in the laboratory, to ensure data recording and equipment management through all processes, and to monitor and review key procedures online in a real-time manner. MGI Smart Lab can track the real-time status on all procedures, covering all aspects of man, machine, material, method and environment, and achieving digital whole-process traceability and data storage to enable holistic data analysis and usage.

The whole procedures comply with GB/T 37864-2019/ISO 20387-2018 standards. The user information is protected under strict authorization management with security measures and data encryption. The system has obtained the Level 3 Certificate on Classified Protection of Cybersecurity in China.

Holistic Perception

MGI Smart Lab has outstanding holistic perception capabilities in monitoring environmental factors. It can enable environmental parameter monitoring, fault alarms, database query, curve analysis, and authorization management in a real-time manner. It consists of real-time particle counter, temperature and humidity sensor, differential pressure sensor, noise sensor, light sensor, monitoring software, and alarm system. It adopts decentralized multi-point data collection and multi-area measurement, while uploading data to the server for centralized processing. It can realize 24/7 dynamic real-time monitoring of changes in environmental parameters in the lab, thus ensuring security in the lab environment.

The environmental factor monitoring system can leverage Artificial-Intelligence(AI)-based learning and image recognition algorithms to build environmental maps, autonomously plan and execute routes, and avoid risks to ensure safe and stable operation and flexible production. More importantly, AI-based learning enables the system to autonomously evaluate the best operation configuration and further optimize the experimental progress.

Unmanned Operation

Besides the laboratory automation feature, MGI Smart Lab also integrates IoT, flexible robots and other tools, while leveraging MGI’s rich digital expertise and innovative technologies in life sciences to provide users with a one-stop multi-application platform. To take the PCR laboratory as an example, through the SOP APP and guided experimental procedures, MGI Smart Lab enables the layout across production processes in a one-click way to lower the learning costs of operators, and reduce human interference, thereby eliminating the risk of cross-infection during PCR experiments.

Based on the needs and applications, it can also provide the users with a customized product portfolio. While being efficiently compatible with users’ existing equipment and able to be fully integrated with third-party equipment, ZLIMS can move beyond hardware management to enable high perception, unmanned and customized operation, so as to allow intelligence to benefit all people. Under the emerging applications, such as biobanks and proteomics, MGI Smart Lab can work with suitable applications to enable lower-cost adaptation, and deliver multi-field, multi- application results to accommodate the emerging needs.

MGI Smart Lab realizes the closed-loop control of laboratory information by incorporating a compliant and efficient laboratory digital system and a rigorous, professional information security management.

MGI continues to foster innovations to free users from complex and numerous laboratory operations through comprehensive automation, informatization and digitization, and develop new applications to improve production efficiency, and reduce experimental costs. MGI remains committed to leading life science innovation to develop and promote advanced life science tools for future healthcare!

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