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COVID-19 Webinar Series | Fighting Covid-19 in the Laboratory - Large Scale Testing Strategies in Brazil
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The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), a Ministry of Health unit, is one of the most important public institutions in Brazil, whose main mission is to manufacture strategic products and provide services that meet the needs of the Brazilian public health. The Fiocruz's Covid-19 Diagnostic Support Unit, launched in August 2020, is the largest public molecular biology testing Centre in the country, which has processed almost one million Covid-19 tests to date, supporting the national initiatives to control the pandemic. The Laboratory responsible for conducting the diagnostic tests, uses real-time PCR methodology and MGI SARS-CoV-2 Automated Extraction packages, with 11 robots that guarantee the speed and precision of 15,000 results daily. The modern structure and the large test processing capacity reinforce Fiocruz's contribution on several fronts of science and innovation in combating the new pandemic coronavirus.
Camila Guindalini
Camila Guindalini
Senior Scientist, Fiocruz

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