"N"GS to 1GS
Integration of all
NGS processes with one step


MGIFLP is a modular NGS workstation independently developed by MGI. Being the first fully automatic gene sequencing platform in the world, it integrates the entire NGS process into?one step and realizes the transformation from “N”GS to “1”GS. With plate reagent kits, professional developed data analysis software, proprietary information management system and database, MGIFLP helps free up human resources and provide clinical personnel and researchers a fully automated solution, from sample to sequencing report. MGIFLP will intelligently connect to more life science products in the future and support various applications in?the fields of precision medicine and fundamental research: such as infectious disease, tumor, reproductive health, and?so on.
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Closed-loop one-stop solutions, supporting all processes unattended
Unique module design, maneuvering complex processes
Integration of all gene sequencing processes
Integrated plate kit design with seals to ensure convenience and safety Time and space restrictions eliminated to ensure real-time sample tracking and data access


Rapid Pathogenic & Microbial Testing
Human Whole Genome Sequencing
Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening

Product Model

Serial Name Product Model I 产品型号二Product Model II
Product Name Modular NGS Workstation Modular Sample Preparation Workstation Microbial Identification Workstation

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