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Always Ready to Sequence, MGI Launches DNBSEQ-E5 Genetic Sequencer*, from Sample to Report in 4.5 Hours

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WUHAN, CHINA, July 15-16, 2021-- MGI launches its new DNBSEQ-E5 Genetic Sequencer* for pathogenic microorganism sequencing at the Second Infectious Disease Diagnosis Technology Innovation Forum (IDD) in Wuhan.

DNBSEQ-E5* is a small-sized and light-weighted genetic sequencer that can achieve high-speed and highly flexible sequencing. Meanwhile, the easy-to-operate feature lowers the operation threshold of a genetic sequencer. The equipment is open for orders in mainland China only.

"We hope that DNA sequencing technology will, like the nucleic acid detection technology that we are familiar with, become a more common tool for future healthcare. That's why we developed the DNBSEQ-E5 gene sequencer, and it's also an innovation of small high-throughput gene sequencer." Said Ni Ming, Senior Vice President of MGI.

MGI's powerful genetic sequencer for rapid sequencing of pathogenic microorganisms, only 4.5 hours required to issue a report

DNBSEQ-E5 Genetic Sequencer* can produce data in 4.5 hours at the fastest (sequencing length: SE50), making it possible to quickly respond to urgent sequencing requirements of special samples, for instance detecting an unknown pathogen. It is suitable for frontline institutions such as Customs and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCs).

At the forum, Zhang Luqi, Senior Product Manager of MGI, shared the user data and case studies of DNBSEQ-E5 Genetic Sequencer* in scientific research for the first time. For example, DNBSEQ-E5* has assisted a pathogenic microorganism research team to complete the sequencing of phage samples, which has met the urgent needs of relevant scientific research by its improved sequencing efficiency. In addition, the DNBSEQ-E5 genetic sequencer* successfully identified potential pathogens in alveolar lavage fluid samples so that the drug resistance results, highly consistent with the results of drug sensitivity culture, can be obtained in a shorter time, showing its potential in the rapid detection of pathogens.

Quick Installation in 10 Minutes  

Three "innovative technologies" make gene sequencing a lot easier

"The portable DNBSEQ-E5 Genetic Sequencer* is about the same size as a laptop. Its easy operation makes it ready to use in 10 minutes for rapid on-site sequencing without requiring extra laboratory with strict temperature and humidity control" Said Luqi Zhang.

Zhang Luqi, Senior Product Manager of MGI, shared the user data and case studies of DNBSEQ-E5* in scientific research

Different from other commonly used genetic sequencers, DNBSEQ-E5 Genetic Sequencer* adopts three innovative technologies based on MGI's proprietary DNBSEQTM technology, making genetic sequencer easier to operate, faster and more portable.

Firstly, the newly designed self-luminous biochemical system can generate signals without external excitation light source, making the instrument more portable and stable for multiple scenarios. Secondly, DNBSEQ-E5 Genetic Sequencer* adopts "integrated signal acquisition module" similar to the technology used by photosensitive elements in smart phones, enabling the sequencer to directly read base signals. Thirdly, the "microfluidic sequencing chip" technology is adopted to replace the fluid system of traditional sequencer so that the sequencing reagent can directly enter the chip without passing through the instrument.

Based on its proprietary DNBSEQ™ technology, MGI developed a full series of platforms, including DNBSEQ-Tx ultra-high throughput sequencers*, DNBSEQ-T7 high-throughput sequencers*, DNBSEQ-G400 medium-high throughput sequencers* and DNBSEQ-G50 medium throughput sequencers* that can be applied to large population whole genome sequencing, tumor gene sequencing, metagenomic sequencing, and unknown pathogen microbial detection to accommodate different sequencing needs.

*Unless otherwise informed, all sequencers and sequencing reagents are not available in Germany, the USA, Spain, UK, Hong Kong, Sweden, and Belgium.

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