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Pocket Single-Cell Lab | MGI’s new products have received extensive attention at the Science Asia conference

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On November 5th, at the first "2019 Science Asia Biotechnology Advanced Technology Summit" held in Beijing, MGI brought new DNBelab C4 and MGISEQ-2000 comprehensive high-throughput sequencers to participate in the exhibition. Dr. Shang Zhouchun, head of the Cell and Development Research Group of BGI Research presented a speech entitled Dissecting cell heterogeneity using single-cell omics powered by DNBSEQTM. The new products and presentations attracted the attention of experts and peers.

Pocket Single-Cell Lab

Single-cell sequencing is the hotspot of current industry research. DNBelab C4 portable single-cell system has empowered single-cell research in a new way. This device is a new product released by MGI. It has a weight of only 220g and does not require power and other equipment inputs, and barcode addition can be done with a single pull, which will bring great convenience to researchers. Together with the MGI series of gene sequencers and recommended single-cell analysis software, it can realize effective single-cell sequencing.

In addition, MGI also brought its main sequencing platform DNBSEQ-G400. This comprehensive high-throughput sequencer (DNBSEQ-G400 remain its original product names as MGISEQ-2000 in China and some other overseas countries.) supports two different specifications of chips at the same time. It is broad and flexible for many fields such as scientific research and clinical.

Core technology drives large-scale single-cell sequencing

In his speech, Dr. Shang Zhouchun introduced the advantages and applications of DNBSEQTMand stLFR technology in large-scale single-cell sequencing. “The rapid development of single-cell sequencing technology has greatly improved our understanding of the apparent and transcriptional regulatory heterogeneity of cell populations. DNBSEQTMsequencing technology avoids the accumulation of errors in traditional PCR sequencing with high accuracy,” she said. The low repeat rate and low label hopping characteristics enable highly accurate sequencing data, especially for single-cell studies, and by combining stLFR technology, it also provides a new strategy for high-throughput single-cell full-length RNA analysis.”

In the final expert tour of the conference, Dr. Shang Zhouchun introduced the series of sequencing platforms from DNBSEQ E series “benchtop” sequencing laboratory to DNBSEQ-T7 ultra high throughput sequencer and CoolMPS sequencing technology and a full range of automated sample preparation systems to the participating experts. Experts expressed their full recognition of MGI's technological breakthroughs and rapid development in recent years, and agreed that MGI's diversified life digital equipment will lay a solid tool foundation for the next round of vigorous development of the industry.

The conference was hosted by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and sponsored byScienceMagazine. It is a platform for important frontier academic exchanges in China. The topics of this conference include gene editing, stem cell, disease modeling, and single cell technology.