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MGI Empowers Life Sciences Industry with Revolutionary What If Campaign at XXIIIrd International Congress of Genetics

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MELBOURNE, Australia, 16 July 2023 – MGI Tech Co. Ltd. (MGI), a company committed to building core tools and technology to lead life science, today announced the launch of a global brand campaign titled "What If?" at the XXIII International Congress of Genetics (ICG), a five-yearly conference to bring together the international genetics community from around the world. Capturing MGI's extensive capabilities and solutions, the campaign intends to introduce MGI to the global market, including Australia and New Zealand, and position the brand as an important partner bringing the global science community the right to another choice.

"The genomics industry in Australia and New Zealand faces significant challenges in terms of accessibility, affordability, and speed. These obstacles hinder progress not only within the clinical space but also across the broader life science landscape." said Dr. Bicheng Yang, Director of MGI Australia, "With the launch of the 'What If?' campaign, we reaffirm our commitment to overcoming these limitations by providing tools that cater to various needs and requirements, eliminating the need for long waiting periods for results. Our goal is to empower scientists and healthcare professionals to unlock the full potential of genomics."

Under "What If?", MGI sets out to redirect the industry dialogue from competition and comparison of platform specifications to customer-centered solutions by prompting scientists, researchers and decision-makers to tap into the possibilities of their most pressing genomics needs and desires being met.

What if cost was not a barrier?

MGI is ushering in a sub $100 human genome era with the fully automated DNBSEQ-T20×2 sequencer designed to accommodate the most challenging sequencing needs. With all components integrated by robotics to process six slides per run, combined with consecutive robotic dipping of multiple slides in the same reagent, a single T20×2 can produce up to 50,000 WGS per year for less than $100 per 30x human genome including instrument depreciation.


What if speed, low cost and flexibility were not a trade-off?

Powered MGI's DNBSEQTM technology, DNBSEQ-T7 delivers the trifecta of sequencing innovation with high speed, high flexibility, and ultra-high throughput. It can deliver up to 7 Tb of high-quality data at a fraction of the cost in only 24 hours. The sequencer’s quadruple flow cell staging allows simultaneous but independent operation of one to four flow cells, with different read lengths and applications to be processed independently in a single run, saving time and cost. To date, T7 has enabled multiple National Genome Projects in UAE, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil and more.

What if the right targeted sequencing was only 24 hours away?

With DNBSEQ-G99 that boasts both the flexibility of a high-throughput sequencer and the speed of single target tests, MGI is revolutionizing precision medicine by delivering faster and more accurate targeted therapies than ever before. G99 for the first time adopts triangular matrix signal spots on sequencing flow cell, reaching higher density of data output, with an overall throughput of 8-48 Gb per run. Highly suited for targeted gene sequencing and small genome sequencing, it was instrumental in the discovery of the first imported case of Monkeypox in Chongqing, China.

What if there was a company that recognizes that sequencing is not just about the sequencer?

As experts in automation and integration, MGI's lab automation systems including MGISTP-7000, MGISP-Smart 8, MGISP-NE384, MGISP-960, and more, enable high-throughput, automated sample transfer processing, nucleic acid extraction, sample preparation, and large-scale testing. Offering a wide range of throughput capabilities, the systems can accommodate needs from low to medium and high volumes while ensuring scalability and adaptability. With modular designs and customizable features, laboratories can tailor these systems to their specific requirements, seamlessly integrating them into existing workflows. MGIGLab-L, the ultra-high throughput library preparation system, integrates MGI's proprietary instruments for large-scale sequencing library preparation. MGIGLab-L can handle over 1,000 samples per day with only one to three junior lab technicians, allowing researchers to experience a new level of convenience, accuracy, and efficiency.

What if genomics were leveraged to empower communities?

MGI has been continuously advancing genomics and driving progress in local communities. Amidst the rise of the COVID-19 Delta variant when local testing capacity was limited, MGI supplied Australia and New Zealand nationwide with proprietary testing equipment and kits to safeguard its people. MGI has supported over 80 countries to date in the global responses to the pandemic.

What if data management could be safer and more reliable?

MGI's ZTRON Appliance is a GDPR-compliant, highly automated genomics data platform designed by MGI for its high-throughput sequencers. Dubbed "Sequencer Buddy", ZTRON provides a high-performance edge computing and storage solution to execute laboratory management, bioinformatics analysis, data governance, and data delivery. Promising safety and reliability, ZTRON Appliance can be used directly in the laboratory or traditional data centers. It can be deployed independently and scaled out easily.

Backed by its product portfolio of ultra-high, high, and medium-throughput sequencers, MGI stands out in the market with its extensive offering tailored to different sequencing needs at a competitive cost. In addition to sequencers, the company provides a one-stop-shop solution, ranging from lab automation, single-cell solutions and bioinformatics platforms including lab information management system and data management center. Under the "What If?" campaign which will gradually roll out globally, MGI continues its commitment to enabling researchers to make breakthrough discoveries and improve human health through the latest technologies and tools. What if I had a choice? What if? MGI!

For more information, please visit: http://mgi-whatif.com/

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