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MGI 5G-powered Robotic Ultrasound Vehicle Brings High-quality Medical Resources to the Villages in Western China

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During the 13th International Thyroid Awareness Week, MGI 5G-powered Robotic Ultrasound Vehicle travelled 1633 kilometers from Shanghai to Xujiaba Town, Sinan County, Tongren City, Guizhou Province, to bring high-quality voluntary medical services to the residents. Supported by MGI 5G-powered Robotic Ultrasound Vehicle, thyroidologists from Shanghai Tenth People's Hospital provided free thyroid disease diagnosis services for local residents in Xujiaba Town.

The Interior of MGI 5G-powered Robotic Ultrasound Vehicle

Always ready to go, wherever needed

Local Residents Learning about the Diagnosis

During the diagnosis, the professional sonographer from Shanghai Tenth Hospital can maintain communication with patients through the interactive screen. MGIUS-R3 is equipped with multiple sensitive ultrasound probes on its robotic arm, and its flexible manipulator system can simulate manual operation throughout the process to perfectly reproduce expert techniques. After the volunteer diagnosis the local residents also expressed that they wish the 5G-powered Robotic Ultrasound Vehicle will bring more high-quality medical service to rural area in the future.

This voluntary medical event marks a good start to distribute advanced medical resources to aid resource-constrained areas to provide more high-quality services to patients in remote areas.

MGI 5G-powered Robotic Ultrasound Vehicle

MGI's 5G-powered Robotic Ultrasound Vehicle

MGI 5G-powered Robotic Ultrasound Vehicle integrates remote ultrasound robot, artificial intelligence (AI) diagnosis software and 5G network into a vehicle to provide a mobile solution for the areas lacking medical resources or quality resources. The flexibility, mobility and easy-to-operation features overcome the time and distance limitations of the traditional ultrasound diagnostics, making the real-time ultrasound diagnostics accessible to more people in need. In the foreseeable future, the system will be able to offer regular screening service for citizens. They don't need to get out the house to receive quality physical examinations from the comfort of their homes.

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