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MGI's Innovative Products Debuted at CMEF 2021

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Shanghai, China, May 13, 2021 -- MGI showcases a range of “hard core” innovative products, including gene sequencers, laboratory automation platforms and new products, at the 84th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF Spring 2021), which takes place May 13-16 in Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center.

MGI Exhibition Stand 

Genetic Sequencers Empowering the Industry

Genetic sequencer plays a key role in life science research and development of the biotechnology industry. MGI has developed a full series of ultra-high throughput sequencers.

MGI's high throughput, low cost and high accuracy sequencer, DNBSEQ-G400*, is the first platform used to sequence the SARS-cov-2 novel coronavirus genome. It has provided first-hand information for the study of the evolutionary sources and pathogenesis of the new coronavirus. DNBSEQ-G400* can also be widely used in scientific research, clinical medicine, disease prevention and control, environment and agriculture.


DNBSEQ-G50* is a compact and flexible benchtop genetic sequencer. It can test an average of 24 tumor samples a day. The Supercomputer Sequencer DNBSEQ-T7*, as the highest throughput sequencer to date, can complete up to 60 whole human genomes per day. MGI’s three powerful genetic sequencers DNBSEQ-T7*, DNBSEQ-G400* and DNBSEQ-G50* have played an important role in supporting the authority including customs and CDCs in the research, pandemic control and prevention. Internationally MGI sequencers have contributed to the virus monitoring in other countries including South Korea, Thailand, Sweden, Latvian, and Nigeria.

MGI's Automation Equipment Contributes to Large-Scale COVID-19 Testing

MGI presents two proprietary laboratory automation systems at the Fair including MGISTP-3000, a benchtop automated sample transfer processing system, and MGISP-960, a high-throughput automatic sample preparation system. MGISTP-3000 can transfer 96 samples from screw cap transport tubes to 96-Well Microplates in 40 minutes. It can process 3,500 samples per day, and 10,000 samples in 8 hours if 10 samples are mixed in one tube for batching testing. The high customizability and automation features fill the gap between low and medium throughput systems, and greatly relieves the pressure of space and labor in the labs.

MGI's Innovative Platforms Promote the Digital Health Care and Personal Health Management

With the continuous development of artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G technologies, the digitalization of health care industry is expected to continue in the years to come. The construction of intelligent and digital laboratory information system has reached an industry consensus, and it has become a new trend to combine biotech, AI and healthcare technology.

MGI's intelligent information management system ZLIMS can record the laboratory data, monitor the real-time status of instruments and samples, and provide automatic management of the whole process from barcode identification, sample dispatch, nucleic acid extraction, and fluorescence quantitative PCR detection to report distribution. The laboratory management is standardized, automated, intelligent and visualized. It provides strong support for the public health system.

MGIUS-R3 Remote Robotic Ultrasound System

MGI also demonstrates another innovative product 5G-powered Robotic Ultrasound Vehicle. The Vehicle enables the doctor to conduct remote real-time diagnosis from the hospital for the patient from thousands of miles away and provides for the remote areas lacking quality medical resources for remote areas. The Vehicle is empowered by MGIUS-R3 remote robotic ultrasound system, bringing real-time ultrasound diagnostics to more people in need.

MGI 5G-powered Robotic Ultrasound Vehicle

Founded in 2016, MGI is a global leader in life science technology and instrumentation through continuous innovation. MGI continues to seize the opportunities in the era of medical science and contribute to the industry development and health for all with high quality and innovation.

*Unless otherwise informed, all sequencers and sequencing reagents are not available in Germany, USA, Spain, UK, Hong Kong, Sweden and Belgium.

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