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Longer read length, wider application - MGISEQ-2000RS high-throughput sequencing reagent kit now available (SE400)

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MGISEQ-2000RS High-throughput Sequencing Reagent Kit (SE400) is a new addition to the MGISEQ-2000RS product line of the flagship high-throughput gene sequencer. It is more suitable for long fragment amplicon sequencing, which requires longer single-ended sequencing reads. Field applications, such as short tandem repeats (STR) are widely used in forensic identification with a fragment length of 100-500 bp. The short tandem repeats in the middle result in the inability to use pair-end sequencing to splice two reads into one. The MGISEQ-2000RS high-throughput sequencing reagent kit (SE400) is now commercially available, and the performance is outstanding. The single-ended sequencing read length is 400bp, and the data quality is excellent, which further expands the applications of high-throughput sequencing technology in forensic identification.

I. Product performance of MGISEQ-2000RS high-throughput sequencing reagent kit (SE400)

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