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MGI Statement on Ruling in US District Court Case

Release date:2020-06-17Writer:MGIViews:1139Share

MGI respects the court's ruling on Illumina's request for a preliminary injunction, but we do not agree with this decision and we are evaluating our options including an immediate appeal of this ruling.   MGI also looks forward to the final decision on this matter after a full trial on the merits has occurred.  In the meantime, the results of this judgment will not affect MGI ’s business operations outside the United States.

As a leader in the gene sequencing equipment industry, MGI is winning the recognition of more and more users worldwide through its DNBSEQ and other advanced patented technologies, high-quality products and professional services. MGI believes Illumina’s request for the temporary ban is an obvious attempt by Illumina to maintain its monopolistic market position and suppress the development of the industry for as long as possible.  The preliminary injunction will delay and curb fair competition in the global gene-sequencing instruments sector and if it were to become permanent, ultimately limit consumer choice in the U.S. market. MGI will continue to abide by the laws and regulations on intellectual property rights in all countries and regions where we operate, and advocate fair competition and an open, and win-win industry ecosystem.