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MGI Nucleic Acid Extraction Solution Achieved in One Stop

Release date:2020-02-03Writer:MGIViews:1129Share

With the continuous change of the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) epidemic, medical personnel have higher requirements for the speed, throughput and safety of virus detection and identification.

However, in the process of sample processing, automated operations have not yet been fully popularized, and many medical staff still use manual operations. This not only makes the nucleic acid extraction process time-consuming, the operation is relatively tedious, and more importantly, medical staff is in frequent contact with samples The process increases the risk of virus infection.


In order to improve the speed of virus detection and identification and protect medical staff from the risk of virus infection, in addition to providing a variety of flexible sequencers to the frontline of the epidemic, MGI can also provide automated extraction solutions for viral nucleic acids.

This solution has been applied in the frontline of Wuhan epidemic detection, which can achieve high automation, greatly reduce manual operations during sample processing, and optimize the sample detection process, which not only greatly shortens the time for virus nucleic acid extraction, and relieves the pressure of frontline medical staff. At the same time, they also meet their needs for safety and controllability, throughput flexibility, and rapid automation in the extraction of viral nucleic acids.

At present, the intelligent nucleic acid extraction solution made by MGI can provide two kinds of automated and flexible sample preparation systems with mgisp-100 and mgisp-960, and it can also be used with virus RNA extraction reagents and consumables.

Among them, the mgisp-100 automated sample preparation system can extract 8-32 samples / 40-80 minutes, which can reduce the manual operation time of medical personnel by about 2 hours each time, which is suitable for small and medium-sized research laboratories such as hospitals.

mgisp-960 is a high-throughput automated sample preparation system with a higher degree of automation. It can take 36-96 samples per hour. One person can operate three units at the same time, which greatly improves labor efficiency. It is suitable for enterprises, clinical inspection, hospitals and other fields. For high-throughput users, to meet the urgent needs of current high-throughput screening, mgisp-960's throughput is expected to be upgraded to 192 samples per hour and 20 minutes.

At present, the solution has been practically used in the sample detection of BGI-Wuhan Medical Laboratory, and has achieved significant results. By loading an automated sample preparation system, the efficiency of nucleic acid extraction of BGI-Wuhan Medical Laboratory has been rapidly improved, which has greatly accelerated the detection of new crown virus The speed of detection and identification solves the problems of slow virus detection and difficult diagnosis, and provides a powerful tool for epidemic prevention and control.

After achieving a good "combat" effect, the solution will be quickly used in a 2000 square meter pathogenic biological safety laboratory (also known as "Fire Eye" experiment) built by Wuhan Donghu New Technology Development Zone Government relying on MGI. It is reported that the outbreak virus testing laboratory is about to be completed and can detect 10,000 suspected cases every day.

At present, the sample detection volume in Hubei is estimated to be more than 100,000, and the daily 10,000-throughput viral nucleic acid detection and supporting high-throughput sequencing capabilities are like opening the "Sky Eye", which allows all cases to be investigated and in need. Get clear test results as soon as possible to achieve group defense and group control.

In the coming weeks, the peak of the Spring Festival return will be ushered in. In order to prevent and control more virus cross-infection, larger-scale population screening is imminent.

MGI's one-stop nucleic acid extraction solution has a very high degree of automation, and there is no manual intervention after the machine is used. The automated extraction process only takes one hour, which can speed up case detection in large-scale population screening.

In addition, MGI's automated sample preparation system is also equipped with ultraviolet and hepa high-efficiency air filtration systems, which can be used for daily sterilization and cleaning, which greatly reduces the risk of virus infection for medical staff.

This one-stop nucleic acid extraction solution is suitable for a wide range of samples, including throat swabs, saliva, sputum, alveolar lavage fluid, serum, plasma, virus culture fluid, etc.

It is worth mentioning that MGI has also optimized the throat swab sample and the extraction quality is very stable.

The entire solution can also be adapted to the current mainstream new coronavirus 2019-nCoV nucleic acid detection kit (fluorescent PCR method), as well as third-party magnetic bead extraction kits and library construction processes.

Overall, MGI's one-stop automated viral and nucleic acid extraction solution has a simple operation process, short manual operation time, and efficient and stable output, which can ensure maximum production capacity.

In order to allow more suspected cases to be diagnosed in a timely manner, in addition to serving the Wuhan Huada Medical Laboratory and the "Fire Eye" laboratory, the solution has also assisted the National Centers for Disease Control in China, Shanghai and Hubei. When clinical front-line samples are greatly squeezed, this automated extraction solution greatly improves detection efficiency and throughput, quickly alleviates the backlog of samples, speeds up case detection and diagnosis, optimizes limited medical resources, and provides for epidemic prevention and control. Strong support.

It is understood that from the beginning of the Spring Festival, the technical support staff of MGI on the front line of the epidemic situation has never stopped, just to complete the production and installation and commissioning of equipment as soon as possible, and put it into use as soon as possible. Medical workers fight the "epidemic" together!