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MGI helps build a new model of biological science and education with Guangdong Xin'an Vocational and Technical College

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On January 9, 2020, Shenzhen Mammoth Public Welfare Foundation, Guangdong Xin'an Vocational and Technical College, and MGI held a "Mammoth Public Welfare Foundation-Genomics Teaching Lab" cooperation signing ceremony in Shenzhen National Gene Bank.

The ceremony was attended by Jiang Weicheng, Executive Secretary of the Mammoth Public Welfare Foundation, Ye Weiqin, Dean of Guangdong Xin'an Vocational and Technical College, Wang Zhi, Associate Dean of Teaching, Liu Qiuhua, Deputy Director of the Department of Biotechnology, and Zhang Yancai, Project Manager of MGI.

Photo of the three parties

Exploring a new model of biological science and education cooperation

At the signing ceremony, Ye Weiqin, dean of Guangdong Xin'an Vocational and Technical College, Jiang Weicheng, executive secretary of Mammoth Public Welfare Foundation, and Zhang Yancai, project manager of Huada Intelligent Manufacturing Co., signed a cooperation agreement.

Tripartite signs cooperation agreement

In the future, the three parties will continue to explore new models of biological science and education cooperation, build a new system for genetic testing of skilled personnel education, promote the co-construction and sharing of teaching resources, and cultivate high-quality skilled personnel that meet the needs of the rapidly developing industry.

The integration of industry and education is of great significance

Ye Weiqin said that Guangdong Xin'an Vocational and Technical College is located in Shenzhen and is a full-time private general college that integrates higher vocational education, international cooperation, continuing education, and social training. This time, the genomics teaching jointly established by the three parties. The laboratory project is an innovation of production-education integration, talent training and output mode, and will become an important driving force for the sustainable development of enterprises and even the gene industry.

As the nation's first vocational genetic sequencing and high-skilled talents training cooperation project in the country, it has great significance and far-reaching impact.

Jiang Weicheng said that the cooperation with Guangdong Xin'an Vocational and Technical College to build a genomics teaching laboratory is the first cooperation between Mammoth Foundation and higher vocational education, which can allow students to better learn genomics knowledge, understand sequencing application and operation of the instrument to advance professional skills.

As one of the project partners, MGI will leverage its world-leading independent research and development capabilities and clinical high-throughput gene sequencing technology to actively contribute to the professional education of biology in higher vocational colleges and cultivate more practical high-skilled talents, so as to build a more solid talent base for the grand goal of "genome for everyone".

About Shenzhen Mammoth Charity Foundation

Shenzhen Mammoth Public Welfare Foundation was initiated by BGI Group, Vanke Group, and Songhe Venture Capital. It is the first foundation in China to promote gene technology for the benefit of people's livelihood. The mission is to advocate and develop gene technology that is oriented for people’s livelihood. The main business is to assist medical treatment, popular science education, and cross-border communication.