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MGIEasy stLFR Library Prep Kit
MGIEasy stLFR Library Prep Kit is the world’s first partition-less long fragment DNA co-barcoding library prep kit. Based on the patented DNA co-barcoding technology, that is adding the same barcode sequence to sub-fragments of the original long DNA molecule, stLFR could read the long range genetic information very accurately. With MGI’s DNBSEQTM the world’s most accurate sequencing technology, stLFR enables high quality small variants calling, phasing diploid genomes, detection of structure variations and other long read applications.
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Long range information with accurate short-read sequencing.
No pre-amplification, high quality WGS libraries from only 1.5 ng DNA.
Over 10 Mb of Haplotype Contig N50 and powerful detection of structure variations, such as deletions, inversions, translocations and insertions.
One tube reaction, no need for nanoliter liquid handling or microfluidic systems.
Magnetic beads based, easily automatable solution.


Product Name MGIEasy stLFR Library Prep Kit
PN. 1000005622
Specification 16 rxn
Shelf life Six months
Input material Genome DNA
Species supported
Multiple species
Type of samples High molecular weight DNA
Requirements for DNA sample

The DNA required for stLFR library needs to be as large as it can be. The larger the DNA is the better the performance will be. Usually the DNA isolated with methods suggested below will be with a main band greater than 100 kb when analyzing with pulse-field electrophoresis. The suggested DNA isolated kits are Qiagen MagAttract HMW DNA Kit (Cat No./ID: 67563) or Agilent Technologies RECOVEREASE DNA ISOLATION KIT (Catalog No.50-126-011) The required concentration of DNA should be more than1 ng/ul and the total amount should be more than 500ng.

Library process Shear DNA with enzyme, perform DNA co-barcoding, introduce another adapter, amplify with PCR and make DNB
Sequencing read length suggested PE100+42
Sequencing platforms suggested BGISEQ-500RS、MGISEQ-2000RS
Suggested coverage/Raw reads number For human resequencing purpose: 30X, ~650M raw reads (PE100)

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