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Nowadays main problems for the experimenters are as follows
Sample information management is chaotic.
Samples do not correspond to reports. Sample information can not be validated. No statistical results and inconvenient review of the sample experiment process.
Analysis services need to be started manually.
Genetic sequencer data need to be manually copied to the analysis server, and then start the analysis task through the command line.
The experimental process data are stored separately in each instrument, which makes information statistics difficult.
The process data of instrument experiments can not be monitored and managed uniformly. The quality control data is scattered and can not be compared by statistics. Sample and instrument information can not be visualized.
As a special information management platform for life science instruments, ZLIMS can record experimental data, monitor the real-time status of instruments and samples, move off-line data to storage, integrate information analysis platform, start automatic analysis, and form an end-to-end complete workflow from sample input to final report.
Sample Tracking
The real-time status of samples in various instruments can be viewed, including sample preparation - library preparation – making DNB - loading DNB - sequencing - analysis tasks, sample tracking is visualized, and analysis report can be viewed on the interface after analysis.
MGI ZLIMS Sample Tracking
Instrument Monitoring
ZLIMS can monitor the working status of each instrument, manage all kinds of equipment in the laboratory, and count instrument saturation statistics.
Bioinformatics Application Management
ZLIMS can work with different bioinformatics analysis software of MGI, such as PFI, BFI, MegaBOLT, Herb. You can view the analysis results files and reports in the system.
Flexible Bioinformatics Analysis Method
MGI ZLIMS Bioinformatics Application Management

Easy to use
  • Configurable workflow
    Easy-to-configure workflow, combine different tasks, adapt to different bioinformatics applications, easy to operate.
  • Easy to integrate
    Open interfaces, a large number RESTful APIs, and message middleware of ZLIMS make it very convenient to connect to the instrument in real time and integrate with other third-party LIMS or software, so as to realize a standardized unified platform
  • Easy to operate
    It is easy to modify LIMS and configure the experiment flow without software programming knowledge. The UI interface is friendly and the function modules are clear.
MGI ZLIMS Easy to use
Report Management
Provide sequencing quality control data and customizable data reports.
MGI ZLIMS Report Management
Free ZLIMS app download for Android and iOS
ZLIMS is also provided with a smart phone APP version. You can directly input sample information, query the instrument status, view reports, or perform other operations through the phone.
Free ZLIMS app download for Android and iOS
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