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The Overall Solutions for the Three Major Segments Were Unveiled at MGI’s 2020 Genomics Innovation and Intelligent Manufacturing Conference

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WUHAN, CHINA, October 27th to 28th-- the 2020 Genomics Innovation and Intelligent Manufacturing Conference was held by MGI at the 15th International Genomics Conference (ICG-15). Unlike the usual, MGI released three major field solutions, focusing on the public health field application, oncology field application, and population genomics application at the press conference. It also invited dozens of innovative companies to together introduce dozens of innovative researches, innovative technologies, and innovative projects, which aroused widespread attention and heated discussions in the industry and provided inherent dynamism for the future development of the industry.


Highlight 1: Pay Attention to the Construction of the Public Health Infrastructure


Under the epidemic situation of COVID‐19, it is necessary to quickly meet the short-term emergency needs of public health prevention and control, but also to consider the long-term infrastructure construction needs. In the public health application topic of the 2020 Genomics Innovation and Intelligent Manufacturing Conference, Professor Lars Engstrand from the Swedish National Epidemic Center and the New Crown Multi-omics Testing Laboratory of Karolinska Institute shared the idea of building a multi-omics new crown laboratory based on the DNBSEQ platform; Professor Tony Mazzulli, a microbiologist from Mount Sinai Hospital in Canada, introduced his experience in improving the capacity of rapid and large-scale nucleic acid detection by using MGI’s automated equipment; Researcher Li Feng from the Eighth People’s Hospital of Guangzhou shared how his team used multiple PCR amplification sequencing technologies based on the DNBSEQ platform to carry out the latest research on the retest positive cases: this study used clinical samples to sequence the whole genome of the virus. It revealed that the retest positive cases are related to the low levels of neutralizing antibodies in patients, and further analyzed the factors that may lead to the retest positive cases of the new crown virus. In the end, in the online overseas sessions, Dr. Jiannis Ragoussis from McGill University in Canada introduced the SARS-CoV-2 genome sequencing method based on MGI's amplification technology.


The sharing and introduction of domestic and foreign experts visually and comprehensively demonstrated MGI’s overall solution of automated sample processing, standardized information processing, and integrated mobile laboratory, providing a “Chinese model” for the construction of the public health system.


Highlight 2: Aim at the Forefront of World Technology


With the advancement of technology, the large amount of basic data accumulated in the Population Genome Research is no longer limited to theoretical analysis but can provide important data support and basis for specific problems. In the population genomics application topic of the 2020 Genomics Innovation and Intelligent Manufacturing Conference, Jin Xin from the BGI Life Science Research Institution and the Institute of Precision Health shared a study on the genetic background of host patients with COVID-19 based on whole genome sequencing. It provides a reference for the application of high-throughput sequencing and population genomics research in public health. Xu Shuhua, a researcher from The Partner Institute for Computational Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and The Max Planck Society, emphasized the importance of the basic research of population genomics to the analysis of the fine-scale genetic structure of the Han Chinese population. Dr. Haoyi Weng from the School of Computer Science and Technology of Central South University took the cohort study of domestic and foreign chronic disease genomics as the starting point to discuss the integration and development of DTC gene detection and population genomics research in the new era. In the online session, Professor Vincent Mooser from McGill University in Canada specifically shared the unique coding variant genome architecture in the French-Canadian population.


After a lively discussion, the participating experts said that the field of population genomics needs to carry out more basic research, and also put forward higher requirements on the sequencing throughput, cost, accuracy, and intelligence of the research programs. MGI Total Solution for Population Genomics can provide different solutions for population genomics research of different scales. Among them, the 10,000-level high-throughput sequencing solution represented by DNBSEQ-T7 and the one-stop solution for large population genomics represented by DNBSEQ-T10×4, which integrate sample pre-processing, library preparation, high-throughput sequencing, data management, and other modules all in one. Each sequencing laboratory will be able to achieve an annual throughput of 50,000 to 1 million whole genome sequencing (WGS), with a fully automated process from sample to report, which helps to quickly promote the basic research and application of population genomics.



Highlight 3: Leading the diversified development of the industry


The autonomous domestic sequencing platform has become the best choice for more and more tumor gene testing companies. In the oncology application forum at the 2020 Genomics Innovation and Intelligent Manufacturing Conference, several companies, such as ROCHE, IDT, Paragon Genomics, Mission Bio, Gencove, SOPHIA, Sentieon, Basepair, and Congenica, shared sequencing solutions based on MGI's DNBSEQ platform from library preparation to bio-information analysis and application. It provided more possibilities for further research and application exploration in the tumor field, etc.


Furthermore, for the storage, calculation, and analysis of bio-information data in subdivisions, MGI launched the ZTRON series of products, a miniaturized genetic data center, which can realize full-cycle data management from bio-sample management, laboratory production, bioinformatics analysis to data storage and governance to report interpreting.

At the same time, in order to further expand the application of the industry, we need to strengthen the construction of two aspects. One is the establishment of industry standards, which is specially mentioned in the report of Huang Jie, the opening guest of that day and researcher of the National Institute for Food and Drug Control, the other is that application-oriented tools and platforms need to be continuously upgraded and optimized. The latest configuration of MGISEQ-200 launched at the conference (now open for orders) can ensure data output and sequencing quality, while the sequencing speed can be increased by up to 45%, and the time needed for PE100 sequencing can be shortened from two days to about one day. It ensures the time-based of tumor gene detection at the hospital and realizes mixed sequencing of multiple types of libraries, which can further improve the utilization of sequencing slides and reduce detection costs.




In particular, in the Lighting Talk session, The 10 most representative innovative companies in the industry conducted in-depth discussions on the application solutions based on MGI’s DNBSEQ platform from their respective areas of expertise, which strongly promoted collaborative innovation in the industry and helped the entire industry to achieve a better future.

This innovative genomics conference is a comprehensive demonstration of the integrated solutions of MGI and the entire sequencing industry in public health prevention and control, population genomics applications, and oncology applications. With the attention of more and more researchers, scholars, and experts, as well as the joint construction of more and more enterprises and partners, the high-throughput sequencing technology and automation equipment based on MGI’s DNBSEQ platform will provide more practical solutions in more segments of genomics and help the industry to flourish.