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Wang Jian: Precision detection and diagnosis is as important as clinical rescue if we want to overcome the epidemic

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I'm Wang Jian from BGI, a veteran who experienced the SARS epidemic in 2003. When we first completed the sequencing of the SARS virus in China and developed the first diagnostic kit, I also served as the leader of the SARS pathogen group in Beijing;

In this epidemic, we first gave the correct diagnosis of the new coronavirus clinically, were first designated by the National Health and Medical Commission as a third-party inspection agency, and won the first batch of virus sequencing and diagnostic reagent registration certificates approved by the State Food and Drug Administration. .

On the first day of the new year, I led the a team of BGI to Wuhan. What I saw and heard for a few days made me think a lot. Wuhan at this moment is similar and not similar to Beijing in 2003

Clinical difficulties-The number of confirmed and suspected cases is still rising. Nearly 100,000 people across the country are undergoing medical observation. The pressure on clinical diagnosis and treatment is huge. It is imperative for all patients to be tested and diagnosed as soon as possible to resolve the clinical difficulties.

The pressure of panic-contact, fever, fourteen-day isolation period, involving nearly a million people, will inevitably bring social panic with suspicion and rumors passing in cyberspace, and public health issues have become public safety issues. It is imminent for the public to make accurate detection as early as possible to relieve the panic.

The lockdown of the city-the - the world is shocked to talk about China, evacuation is intensifying, and the traffic is stagnant. If the lockdown of the city extends into a lockdown of the country, the consequences will be disastrous. It is urgent to improve the situation for the city and the country.

At present, accurate qRT-PCR nucleic acid detection is an important diagnostic basis for clinical diagnosis, release from isolation, rehabilitation and discharge, as well as a basis for determining the release of contacts. High-throughput gene sequencing the most accurate and reliable method to dynamically track virus mutations. Antibody level detection is a necessary method to assess the infection rate and recovery of the population.

Accurate qRT-PCR detection, combined with necessary gene sequencing reviews and assessment of antibody levels, is the best combination of “resolving the difficulties of clinical diagnosis, relieving the pressure of social panic, and helping city of Wuhan".

I propose that while focusing on clinical rescue, accurate detection and diagnosis as equally important: We need to quickly build a 10,000-throughput testing center.

A quick clinical diagnosis requires timely and accurate detection, and relief of panic and unnecessary isolation requires timely and accurate detection. The testing requirements in Wuhan and Hubei are estimated to be more than 100,000. As with the opening of the "Sky Eye", all investigations are required. Those who need it will get clear test results as soon as possible to achieve mass prevention and control of large populations. The daily 10,000-throughput viral nucleic acid detection and auxiliary high-throughput sequencing capabilities are essential.

According to the needs of anti-epidemic situation and detection ability, it can be implemented in three steps:

First, clinical patients-let every suspected patient and fever-waiting patient be quickly diagnosed and admitted, so that every isolated contact can get a clear investigation result;

Second, high-risk groups-timely and regular testing of all front-line workers and potential contacts, early detection of potential infections, and accurate and scientific judgment of the need for isolation;

Third, let the public who want to know the risk of infection can get clear screening results through self-sampling and centralized inspection.

Recollection of BGI:

In 2003, BGI decoded the entire SARS virus genome sequence in 36 hours, developed a virus detection kit in 96 hours, and donated 300,000 kits to the national headquarters for the prevention and treatment of SARS;

In 2011, MGI responded to the outbreak of enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli in Germany, completed the genome sequencing of the pathogen within 5 days and published the first sequence in the world, and successfully developed the diagnostic kit within 10 days without revealing the core technology;

In 2014, facing the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, BGI, as a volunteer, provided sequencing equipment for free and quickly set up a front-line laboratory in Sierra Leone, ensuring the work of the national team and successfully developing Ebola virus detection reagents.

General Secretary Hu Jintao came to visit BGI during the anti-SARS, and asked me three words and sent to us few words: why you can give the virus sequencing results so soon, and make diagnostic reagent kits? Why didn't you get involved in the anti-disease work earlier? What are the obstacles? You are a team that really benefits the people

Why is history so similar from "SARS" to new coronaviruses?

Today, BGI's detection kits and high-throughput gene sequencers have first been approved for marketing, ensuring social demand. Wuhan, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shijiazhuang and other laboratories around BGI have been fully launched, and thousands of employees work day and night. On the front line, BGI has become the main force of anti-epidemic testing, and has taken the burden of this field for the country. So far, BGI has donated 20,000 diagnostic reagents, valued at 3.6 million Yuan, and provided free ultra-high depth sequencing. More than 300 cases, worth 3 million Yuan, will be donated to 100,000 diagnostic reagents, worth 18 million Yuan.

Internationally, more than 20 countries such as Britain and the United States have requested reagents and technical assistance, and more than 20,000 test reagents have been sent to all parts of the world. BGI overseas is becoming an important scientific support for embassies and consulates to lift the fever and stay Countries are responding to the epidemic.

At present, with the strong support of Wuhan Municipal Government and Donghu High-tech Zone, the construction team is building a testing center at the speed of "Xiaotangshan" hospital. BGI will provide technical and personnel support to ensure the formation of large-scale testing capabilities.

Today, Guangdong Province has also put forward higher-throughput testing requirements. Although we have done our best, there are still many beyond our capabilities. We have listed the following list and hope to get the support of all sectors of society:

[Supporting List]

---- If you can provide materials required for clinical testing such as b2 biological safety cabinets, nucleic acid extraction equipment, PCR equipment, biological reagents, medical protective supplies, etc.,

---- If you are willing to donate for testing that benefits everyone and for public prevention of large populations,

---- If you have relevant work experience and are willing to contribute generously to this charity cause, you are our comrade in arms! Please join us and work together to build a tens of thousands of virus detection centers to bring Wuhan back to life.


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