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Microbial Detection Total Package

Microbial Detection Total Package

MGI has developed a high-throughput sequencing platform integrated with a pathogen detection system. This innovative technology can perform fast, accurate and comprehensive pathogen screening for clinical diagnoses. Moreover, MGI provides a variety of hardware and compatible reagent kits for the system to support an extensive range of pathogen testing.
  • Independent platforms
    Fully-automated sample preparation system, high-throughput sequencing platform and various supported reagent kits
    Independent platforms
  • No need for preliminary test
    No culture needed. Solutions for a wide variety of environmental or clinical samples (human or animal blood, respiratory tract fluid, cerebrospinal fluid and intestine)
    No need for preliminary test
  • Up-to-date microbial database
    A comprehensive database of 20 thousands microbial genomics enabling massive screening at one time
    Up-to-date microbial database
  • On-board analysis system

    Reliable data analysis of both nucleotide and protein level

    On-board analysis system
  • Streamlined workflow
    24 hours from sample to result -- all with one instrument
    Streamlined workflow
Microbial Detection Total Package
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