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MGIEasy UDB Primers Adapter Kit A&B

MGIEasy UDB Primers Adapter Kit A/B is specifically designed for the preparation of the library of high-throughput sequencing platforms from MGI for multiplex sequencing. The Adapter and PCR Primer for MGI dual barcode library construction are supplied in this kit. This kit can be used with a variety of library preparation kits. The kit A&B contains 192 different Barcode Adapters that support up to 192 samples for batch processing of library construction and multiplex sequencing. The kit undergoes rigorous quality control and functional verification to ensure maximum stability and repeatability of library construction, as well as uniformity and accuracy of sequencing data splitting.

MGIEasy UDB Primers Adapter Kit A

Item No.:1000022801

MGIEasy UDB Primers Adapter Kit B

Item No.:1000022802

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