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MGIGLab-S Automated Blood Fractionation Production Line, integrated Loading/Unloading, Centrifuge, Information Collection, Buffy Coat Separation, Plasma Separation, and Product Storage Module and Consumable Stack Area, assembling a large number of manual steps and different individual instruments into a closed system, is used for the whole fractionation workflow and unmanned automation from blood to Plasma & Buffy Coat, supporting an annual production output of 500,000 blood samples.
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Safe: whole blood fractionation workflow in a closed system without cross contamination.
Stable: automated sample tracking to avoid human operation error heating during the experiment.
Intelligent: intelligent and flexible sample scheduling, real-time uploading sample status and pipetting information
Efficient: 1000 samples/8h, walk-away automation; 10-1000μl Pipetting volume, automated plasma & buffy coat volume calculation

Performance Parameter

Sample Throughput 1000 samples/8 h
Blood Collection Tube

5ml EDTA & Geneseek Tube

Barcode Scanning

Barcode on blood collection tube, Code 128/Code 39/Codabar

QR code on the bottom of frozen tube.
Centrifuge Unit

Centrifuge Speed: 6200 RPM(5800g RCF).

Tube Type Identification: Sample & balancing tube type identification by cap color.
Image Capture Unit

Sample Tracking: Tube image capture and barcode identification.

Sample Quality Check: Sample quality classifying into different categories - Normal/Hemolytic/Lipemic/Empty Tube.
Blood Fraction Recognition: Accuracy ±1mm, plasma volume calculation, buffy coat height calculation.

Buffy Coat Separation

Buffy Coat Separation Throughput: 1-2.

Buffy Coat Storage Labware: Frozen tube with QR code on the bottom.

Plasma Separation

Plasma Separation Throughput: 1-3.

Plasma Storage Labware: Deep-well plate or frozen tube with QR code on the bottom.

Pipetting Unit

Pipetting volume: 10-1000μl

Product Storage
4/5 columns, each for 4 deep-well plates or frozen tube racks.

System Parameter

  • Power Supply & Dimensions & Weight

    Power Type: 200V~240V,50/60Hz

    Rated Power: 3300VA

    Dimensions(L×W×H): 6000mm×1275mm×1760mm

    Net Weight: 1500kg

  • Working Environment

    Temperature: 19℃~25℃

    Relative Humidity: 20 to 80% RH, non-condensation

    Atmospheric Pressure: 80 to106kPa

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