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MGI and Nanodigmbio Announce Partnership for High-Quality Targeted Sequencing

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Shanghai, China, December 25, 2018 – MGI, a subsidiary of BGI and Shanghai Nanodigmbio Biotechnology Co., Ltd. ("Nanodigmbio") have signed a strategic cooperation agreement focusing on high-quality targeted sequencing during the Sequencing Summit China 2018. The two sides will jointly develop library preparation and target capture package based on MGI's sequencing platforms. The signing of this cooperation agreement will promote the use of self-developed equipment, creating a brand-new industrial environment.

Jiang Hui, Chief Operating Officer of MGI and Wu Qiang, General Manager of Nanodigmbio signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of respective sides. In the future, the two sides will cooperate in product development, applications, and many other aspects. The product development program includes library preparation, capture, sequencing, and other functions adaptable to MGISP series automation platform.

MGI continuously expands in the sequencing market with genetic sequencing platforms including MGISEQ-200, MGISEQ-2000, and MGISEQ-T7. Nanodigmbio has been deeply involved in the target capture market for years. The two sides working together will create a new chapter of comprehensive cooperation in whole exon sequencing (WES), cancer analysis and human leukocyte antigen (HLA) research.

About Nanodigmbio

Nanodigmbio is a leading specialized foreign trade company in NGS, Molecular Diagnostics, oligo synthesis and nucleic acid extraction. Our services are designed to provide our partners, research institutes, hospitals and medical companies, with cost-effective and efficient solutions reagents and diagnostic kit.

MGI and Nanodigmbio Announce Partnership for High-Quality Targeted Sequencing

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