Designed for Next Generation
Sequencing Applications


MGISP-100 Automated Sample Preparation System is an automated workstation specialized for NGS applications. Through automated operation the system processes samples in batches, eliminates operators from repetitive processing procedures, increases the stability of library preparation, reduces the total costs, and significantly enhances the overall efficiency in the laboratory.
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Comprehensive functions: integrated design comprising functional modules including PCR Preset protocols, Temperature control, etc. covering the whole testing process;
Cost effectivity: short time to set up the library, batched sample processing, suitable for small to medium laboratories.
Professional and minimal contamination: comprising a laminar flow hood which eliminates external contaminants to maximize accurate results.
Flexible platform: allows customized workflow development; high expandability.


Cancer genetic testing
Pathogen identification

Performance Parameter

Throughput 16 samples per run
Sample Type Plasma, saliva, FFPE, gDNA, WGA Products etc
Pipette Range 2~200ul
Pipette Accuracy Volume 2ul 200ul
CV <5% <1%
Accuracy <±10% <±1%
Temperature Range PCR:4~99℃;Temperature Control Module:4~90℃
Temperature Accuracy PCR Accuracy: ±0.3℃ at 55℃;PCR Uniformity: ±0.2℃ at 72℃
Temperature Control Module Accuracy:: ±1℃ at 55℃;
Temperature Control Module Uniformity: ±1℃ at 55℃

System Parameter



Rated Power:1600VA


Length 780mm,Width 725mm,Height 777mm

Net Weight


Operating Environment Requirements


Relative Humidity:20%RH~80%RH,non-condensing

Atmospheric Pressure:80~106kPa

Waterproof Rating:IPX0

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