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What have we done?
MGI has a total of six genetic sequencers, all of which have obtained medical device registration certificates. Four of them have been mass-produced and completed more than 800 delivery units. By 2017, the total sequencing data of these platforms exceeds 5 Pb, the output of which exceeds 10Pb. By the end of 2017, the MGI Sequencing Platform had completed more than 3 million Non-Invasive Prenatal Tests, nearly 1.7 million 耳聋基因筛查 and 2.8 million HPV tests.
Why join us?
  • To stand on the shoulders of giants.
    We have two production centers, Wuhan and Shenzhen, and have a global coverage including technical services centers and multiple locations in major international regions. We have 83 field application scientists in 18 cities, 5 countries over the world! As long as you have the skills and work hard enough, you are welcome to join us and become the person you want to be on this big platform.
  • Make friends with and learn from your colleagues.
    Innovation is the cornerstone of MGI, while collaboration is the driving force for the development of MGI. In this journey, colleagues of MGI can be your partners and friends, and families. You can progress and grow in a relaxed working atmosphere regardless of your positions.
  • Your health is the KPI of MGI.
    Health of employees is valued remarkably by MGI. In here, everyone is committed to the genetic technology for the benefit of mankind. To achieve the goal, you need to stay healthy. We expect you to enjoy your life as well as your work!
  • Start our wonderful journey.
    Our mission is to develop and promote advanced life science tools for future healthcare. Our vision is to innovate life technology. If you are willing to spend your time on valuable things, join MGI, walk with MGIers, become a part of the life science team for a good future.
We hope that you:

Recognize the philosophy and culture pf MGI

Are honest, upright, and ready for your commitment

Dare to innovate and go forward fearlessly

Are auroral and enjoy your life

Join us and you can get:
Talent development:
Since its inception, MGI has always attached great importance to the training and development of employees, and has established a sound career development mechanism and NGS deep training, full-scale system training, full coverage online and offline;
Comprehensive health management:
Special physical examination package service, whole genome detection, early tumor screening, immune cell storage, employee physical fitness evaluation, skin quality assessment and special nutrition meal prepared by nutritionist. Our slogan is: the gene is not old, the two qualities are forever!
buy five insurance and one gold when you join the job, pay the full salary;
Meals and apartment
800 yuan per month meal supplement (BGI coin);Rental apartments for your option;Canteens providing with three meals per day, 7 days per week;24-hour gym.
Two-day weekend breaks, legal holidays, paid annual leave, etc.;
Probation period
The trial period is 3-6 months during which your salary is not discounted

Others:year-end bonus, project bonjus among other things, No punch-in to work, Family-visit reimbursement, Free shuttle, Department group events, Dance room, birthday party, and various other exciting activities…

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