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Interview | The future of sequencing technology after ten years of application

Ma Tao, the director of Applied Technology Support of MGI, was invited to give an interview.

MGI introduces total solution for single cell RNA sequencing using flexible, large-scale MGISEQ-2000 sequencing platform compatible with 10x Genomics

MGI announced it will begin marketing a total solution for single cell RNA Sequencing as part of the 10x Genomics’ Compatible Product Partner Program on MGI’s MGISEQ and BGISEQ sequencing platform.

MGIEasy RNA directional library preparation: More accurate analysis of gene expression

RNA is an inevitable object of study to use in investigating biological molecular mechanisms. Intracellular RNA contains a wealth of information, including sequence, abundance, structure and so on. Due to the temporal and spatial specificity of RNA expression, sample acquisition is difficult, and accurate analysis of RNA in samples after sampling is particularly important.

The world’s first Chinese herbal DNA barcode high-throughput gene sequencing machine officially released

On April 26, 2019, the Chinese herbal medicine DNA barcode high-throughput gene sequencing integrated machine jointly developed by the Institute of Chinese Medicine of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (hereinafter referred to as "Chinese Medicine Research Institute") and MGI Technology Co., Ltd. completed the acceptance review in Beijing and was officially released.
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