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MGI Introduces Groundbreaking Ultra-High-Throughput Sequencer, MGISEQ-T7, the Most Powerful Sequencer to Date

SHENZHEN, China (October 25, 2018) – MGI, a subsidiary of BGI Group, introduced its newest model of genetic sequencer, MGISEQ-T7, which vastly improves speed, throughput and flexibility, at the 13th International Conference on Genomics (ICG-13) in Shenzhen. The most powerful MGI sequencer to date, MGISEQ-T7 is built with innovative quadruple flowcell staging that allows simultaneous but independent operation of 1 to 4 flowcells in a single run. The MGI proprietary technology used in T7 delivers higher accuracy and improves efficiency through upgrades to the flowcell, fluid, and biochemical and optical system. A supercomputer for the life science industry, MGISEQ-T7 takes the production capacity of the sequencer to a new level with daily output of data up to 6Tb.

Powered also by powerful kits! --- MGIEasy RNA Library Prep Set

Besides genetic sequencers, various library preparation products have become more and more available and play an essential role in advancing the development of sequencing. MGI, a subsidiary of BGI Group, the world’s leading genomics organization, has been developing a variety of library preparation kits too, along with its own sequencing platforms.

MGI has lauched PE150 for MGISEQ-2000

MGISEQ-2000Timeline:•2017October27:ICG-12Debuts•2018February14:SuccessivedeliverytoBGIGenomics,Gene+,WeGeneandRikenJapan,etcal.•2018Summer:TheregoesPE150forMGISEQ-2000! AboutPE150sequencing:>Averag

MOU signed between BGI and Xing Technologies on Research Collaboration and Innovation of Cutting-edge Life Sciences Technology t

The bio-nanotechnology innovator Xing Technologies (hereinafter “XING”) is a UQ spin-off enterprise specialising in world-leading disease diagnosis and monitoring technologies, including cancer.
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