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Interview with Paul Lundquist | When physics meets life sciences, it opens the door to new discoveries in life sciences with interdisciplinary ideas

Paul Lundquist joined MGI as vice president of Engineering in 2018. He holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Northwestern University. Dr. Lundquist started out doing basic research at the IBM-Almaden Research Center and moved from there to early-stage startups. He was the first engineer at Pacific Biosciences. Moving from a novel idea to commercial success takes deep expertise in very disparate fields, integrating the expertise of outsiders, and a willingness to continually adapt, he said. MGI is an exciting place to be, and most Silicon Valley startups would envy its progress over the last two years. For him the most rewarding work lies in seeing new technology used to solve difficult medical issues and raise the standards of healthcare for people who need it most.

MGI Demonstrates Success of New CoolMPS™ Sequencing Chemistry on PCR-free DNBSEQ™ Platform

MGI, a subsidiary of global genomics leader BGI Group, said early research results from its revolutionary CoolMPS™ proprietary sequencing technology performed with high accuracy, reproducibility and cost effectiveness, leading the way toward more efficient and accurate Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS). MGI also reported that its DNBSEQ-T7 genetic sequencer, the world's most powerful, was successfully delivered to multiple customers in China.

Interview | Roy Tan , Director of MGI Americas Marketing Center: Technology advancement makes it possible to sequence all humans

Recently, Dr. Roy Tan, Director of the American Marketing Center of MGI, was interviewed on the development of sequencing technology and sequencing of large populations. Dr.Tan has been engaged in the field of sequencing for many years and has extensive experience in the development and application of sequencing technology. He has a lot of ideas and insights on the field of sequencing.

Medical Genetics Center (MGC) in Thailand to Use MGISEQ-2000

Installation of an MGISEQ-2000 genetic sequencer in Thailand’s Medical Genetics Center (MGC) is complete, and the center is now running WES and WGS on MGI’s high-throughput sequencing platform.
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