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MGI Introduces Groundbreaking Ultra-High-Throughput Sequencer, MGISEQ-T7, the Most Powerful Sequencer to Date

SHENZHEN, China (October 25, 2018) – MGI, a subsidiary of BGI Group, introduced its newest model of genetic sequencer, MGISEQ-T7, which vastly improves speed, throughput and flexibility, at the 13th International Conference on Genomics (ICG-13) in Shenzhen. The most powerful MGI sequencer to date, MGISEQ-T7 is built with innovative quadruple flowcell staging that allows simultaneous but independent operation of 1 to 4 flowcells in a single run. The MGI proprietary technology used in T7 delivers higher accuracy and improves efficiency through upgrades to the flowcell, fluid, and biochemical and optical system. A supercomputer for the life science industry, MGISEQ-T7 takes the production capacity of the sequencer to a new level with daily output of data up to 6Tb.

Powered also by powerful kits! --- MGIEasy RNA Library Prep Set

Besides genetic sequencers, various library preparation products have become more and more available and play an essential role in advancing the development of sequencing. MGI, a subsidiary of BGI Group, the world’s leading genomics organization, has been developing a variety of library preparation kits too, along with its own sequencing platforms.

MGI has lauched PE150 for MGISEQ-2000

MGISEQ-2000Timeline:•2017October27:ICG-12Debuts•2018February14:SuccessivedeliverytoBGIGenomics,Gene+,WeGeneandRikenJapan,etcal.•2018Summer:TheregoesPE150forMGISEQ-2000! AboutPE150sequencing:>Averag

MOU signed between BGI and Xing Technologies on Research Collaboration and Innovation of Cutting-edge Life Sciences Technology t

The bio-nanotechnology innovator Xing Technologies (hereinafter “XING”) is a UQ spin-off enterprise specialising in world-leading disease diagnosis and monitoring technologies, including cancer.

MGI and Decode Science Form Distribution Partnership

MGI is pleased to announce the appointment of Decode Science as the distributor for the MGI range of next generation sequencers and related products in Australia and New Zealand regions.
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