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MGIEasy Exome Capture V4 Probe Set
MGIEasy Exome Capture V4 Probe Set is the first exome capture product designed and synthesized by MGI. CCDS、GENCODE、RefSeq、miRBase database are used for the probe design. As a universal exome capture kit, it is compatible with MGISEQ/BGISEQ and other high-throughput sequencing platforms.
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Region of probe is 59 Mb, more than 20000 gene were covered (refGene)
Deep and comprehensive coverage
Stable and efficient capture efficiency
Compatible with various lib construction schemes and sequencing platforms


Product name

MGIEasy Exome Capture V4 Probe Set

PN. 1000007745
Compatible Platform MGI Series,Illumina Series and Life Series
Reaction/kit 16 rxn
Shelf Life 12 Month
Sample types tissues, plasma and FFPE sample
Sample require

1 ug PCR Product

Variation Type SNP & Indel
SEQ model PE100/PE150
Species Human
Chip Capture+High-Throughput Sequencing

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