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Radoje Drmanac Keynote Speech at AGTA 2018: Affordable “Perfect” Genome Sequencing LFR


Dr. Radoje Drmanac, MGI chief scientific officer, gave a keynote speech on the topic “DNA Nanoballs and Single-Tube LFR: Affordable “Perfect” Genome Sequencing” at the AGTA 2018 Conference in Stamford Grand Adelaide, Australia on November 5.

Single tube long fragment read (stLFR) technology enables efficient WGS, haplotyping, and contig scaffolding. It is based on adding the same barcode sequence to sub-fragments of the original DNA molecule (DNA co-barcoding).  It uses the surface of microbeads to create millions of miniaturized compartments in a single tube. Using a combinatorial process over 1.8 billion unique barcode sequences were generated on beads, enabling practically non-redundant co-barcoding in reactions with 50 million barcodes.

MGI’s newest launched MGIEasy stLFR Library Prep Kit adopts the stLFR technology, it significantly reduces the cost and complexity of long fragment library preparation.

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