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Powered also by powerful kits! --- MGIEasy RNA Library Prep Set


Besides genetic sequencers, various library preparation products have become more and more available and play an essential role in advancing the development of sequencing. MGI, a subsidiary of BGI Group, the world’s leading genomics organization, has been developing a variety of library preparation kits too, along with its own sequencing platforms.

As one of MGI RNA libraries preparation series, MGIEasy RNA Library Prep Set provides an efficient solution for generating libraries from a wide range (10 ng -1 ug) of total RNA that is suitable for MGI high-throughput sequencing platforms.

It is easy to use and can be widely applied to human, animal, plant and microbe transcriptome research for comprehensive and rapid analysis of gene expression changes, examining rare and novel transcripts, the discovery of alternative splicing events, gene fusions, SNPs and allele-specific expression.

Data performance

Libraries were prepared from an input of Universal Human Reference RNA(UHRR) ranging from 10 ng -1 μg using the MGIEasy RNA Library Prep Set and sequenced on MGISEQ-2000 at PE100 read-length.

Across all input amounts of total RNA (1 ug, 200 ng, 50 ng, 10 ng), MGIEasy RNA Library Prep Set exhibits excellent quality sequencing data and transcript annotation at genome mapping, gene mapping rate, the numbers of genes or transcripts detected, and concordance of gene expression.

Fig. 1 Comparison of the sequencing data and transcript annotation under different input amount of total RNA.

Fig. 2 Gene expression level reproducibility and concordance in different input amounts of total RNA

Uniformity of coverage across the entire transcript is important for analysis of gene structure. A comparison was performed between the MGIEasy RNA Library Prep Set sequenced on an MGISEQ-2000 and other comparable RNA kits sequenced on another platform. The results demonstrate that the libraries constructed using MGIEasy RNA Library Prep Set have superior 3’end coverage.

Fig.3 Reads randomness of different platforms and kits

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