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MGIEasy PCR-Free DNA Library Prep Set

MGIEasy PCR-Free Library Prep Set is specifically designed for making WGS libraries for MGI High-throughput Sequencing Platforms. This library prep set is optimized to convert 120-200 ng size selected fragmented DNA into a customized library. MGI WGS PCR-free library preparation, combined with MGI DNBSEQTM sequencer, is the true PCR-free NGS workflow without PCR amplification, resulting in no error accumulation and higher data accuracy.



Compatible with Multiple Species Types:  Compatible with human, animals, plants, bacteria, fungi etc., e.g. human (blood, saliva, fresh tissue), mice, rice, E.coli and metagenomics.
Fast, Simple and Automated Workflow:   Library preparation can be completed in 3.5 hours with size-selected DNA as input; the workflow is simple and suitable for automated library preparation without the risk of amplicon contamination.
No Amplification Error Accumulation:  By eliminating PCR amplification steps, WGS PCR-free prepared and sequenced by MGI DNBSEQTM platform has no amplification error accumulation, resulting in better genome fidelity.
Higher Coverage Uniformity:   Compared with traditional WGS (PCR amplification), WGS PCR-free reduces GC bias and improves coverage uniformity across the genome, such as GC-rich region, promoter and repetitive region.
Higher Performance of Variant Detection:  Compared with traditional WGS (PCR amplification), PCR-free WGS shows higher sensitivity and accuracy of variant detection, especially indels.


Product Name
MGIEasy PCR-Free DNA Library Prep Set
Whole genome sequencing
The version of Set V1.0


16 RXN, 96 RXN
Validity period
9 months
Assay Time
~3.5 hours
Input Quantity
120-200 ng fragment DNA
Sample types
Species Compatibility

Human, animals,plants, fungi, bacteria, metagenomics, etc.

Fragmentation Method
Recommended Insert Size
350-400 bp
Platform Compatibility
Recommended Read Length
MGIEasy PCR-Free DNA Library Prep Set User Manual


Data Sheet MGIEasy PCR-Free DNA Library Prep Set Download
User Manual 1000013452 1000013453-MGIEasy PCR-Free DNA Library Prep Set User Manual Download

This file contains comprehensive information about the product, including detailed operating instructions, reagent supplies and equipment to be used.
Demo Data Read Length:PE150    Sample:NA12878    Platform:DNBSEQ-G400/MGISEQ-2000

I Sample Information Fastq Download
II Sample Information Fastq Download
III Sample Information Fastq Download
IV Sample Information Fastq Download
V Sample Information Fastq Download
VI Sample Information Fastq Download
Demo Data Read Length:PE2000    Sample:NA12878    Platform:DNBSEQ-G400/MGISEQ-2000

Fastq Download

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