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New Product: MGIEasy stLFR Library Prep Kit


MGI, a subsidiary of BGI Group, launched MGIEasy stLFR Library Prep Kit at TACG, ICG-13. Adopting single tube long fragment reads (stLFR) technology, the kit significantly reduces the cost and complexity of long fragment library preparation.

Based on the DNA co-barcoding technology, that is adding the same barcode sequence to sub-fragments of the original long DNA molecule, stLFR could read the long range genetic information very accurately. With MGI’s DNBseq?, the world’s leading sequencing technology, stLFR enables high quality small variants calling, phasing diploid genomes, detection of structure variations and other long read applications.

A complete solution for sequencing is made easy now by our stLFR, together with the new sequencer MGISEQ-T7 and automated sample preparation system MGISP-960!

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