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MGIEasy rRNA Depletion Kit
MGIEasy rRNA Depletion Kit can efficiently remove rRNA from total RNA and keep mRNA and non-coding RNA to increase the proportion of useful data. It depletes rRNA from human, mouse and rat total RNA with an input of total RNA ranging from 10 ng-1 μg. It is compatible with both intact and degraded RNA (e.g. FFPE RNA).
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Low RNA input
Use as low as 10 ng total RNA per sample
Compatible with various sample types
Including low-quality RNA, FFPE RNA and plasma samples
Efficient elimination of rRNA
High efficiency on 99% rRNA depletion and keep mRNA and non-coding RNA
Easy to Use
The entire depletion workflow can be completed within 2 hours
Flexible solutions
Provide flexible solutions for compatible with various RNA sequencing library preparation kits


Library preparation Sequencing Applications
rRNA depletion kit with mRNA library preparation kit SE50/PE100/PE150 mRNA quantification and transcriptome analysis
rRNA depletion kit with RNA directional library preparation kit SE50/PE100/PE150 RNA quantification and transcriptome/non-coding RNA analysis


Product name MGIEasy rRNA Depletion Kit
Version V1.1
Reaction/kit 32 RXN/kit
Catalog No. 1000005953
Storage temperature requirement -25℃~-18℃
Input Quantity 10 ng- 1 μg total RNA
Sample types tissues, plasma and FFPE sample
Species Compatibility Human, Mouse, Rat
Assay Time 2 h
Applications Transcriptome Sequencing, total RNA sequencing, lncRNA Sequencing

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