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MGIEasy Small RNA Library Prep Kit
MGIEasy Small RNA Library Prep Kit provides an efficient solution for generating libraries suitable for MGI high-throughput sequencing platforms with a broad range of input amounts (10 ng - 1 μg) of total RNA. Libraries prepared using the MGIEasy Small RNA Library Prep Kit can be used to detect known and unknown small RNAs and their target genes from human, animal and plant sample types.
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Low RNA input
Use as low as 10 ng total RNA per sample
Compatible with various sample types
Including human, animal and plants
Flexible solutions
Two options of size selection based on either bead or gel purification for specific applications


Product name MGIEasy Small RNA Library Prep Kit
Version V2.0
Reaction/kit 24 RXN/kit
Catalog No. 1000005269 -
Storage temperature requirement -18℃~-25℃
Input Quantity 10 ng-1 ug total RNA
Sample types tissues
Species Compatibility Human, animals and plants, such as mouse, rice and Arabidopsis
Platform Compatibility BGISEQ-500, MGISEQ-2000
Recommended Read Length SE50
Recommended sequencing data per sample 25M raw reads

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