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ALL library preparation Sequencing Kit
MGIEasy Exome FS Library Prep Set

The MGIEasy Exome FS Library Prep Set operate with gDNA followed by enzymatic fragmentation, MGI adapter ligation and amplification. The PCR product is applied to hybrid capture with MGIEasy Exome Capture Universal Set or other commercial exome capture probe. Captured product is amplified for the second time and denatured for the single stranded circle preparation which is ready for MGI high-throughput sequencing platform.


Comparable to multiple whole exon probe

low input amount requirement, as low as 300ng genomic DNA

Automatic operation available for key library construction process

Simple operation, short time for library construction


Product Name

MGIEasy Exome Universal Library Prep Set

PN. 1000009658

Assay Time

~6.5 hours

Hands-On Time

~30 min

Input Quantity

300ng gDNA;


DNA concentration≥12.5 ng/μL

Sample require Tissues, Plasma

Compatible Probe Brand

MGI, Agilent, NimbleGen, IDT

Recommended Read Length


Fragment Process


Recommended Insert Size

100 – 500 bp

Platform Compatibility


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