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MGIEasy RNA Library Prep Set
MGIEasy RNA Library Prep Set provides an efficient solution for generating libraries from a wide range (10 ng-1 ug) of total RNA that is suitable for MGI high-throughput sequencing platforms. It is easy to use and can be widely applied to human, animal, plant and microbe transcriptome research for comprehensive and rapid analysis of gene expression changes, examining rare and novel transcripts, discovery of alternate splicing events, gene fusions, SNPs and allele-specific expression.


Wide range of total RNA input
Compatible with a range of total RNA input (10 ng-1 ug) and exhibits excellent quality sequencing data and transcript annotation.
Compatible with various sample types
Including low-quality RNA, FFPE RNA and plasma samples
Excellent coverage
Accurate and comprehensive mapping of transcripts
High uniformity Enables detection of complete transcripts without bias at either end
Easy to Use
Simple protocol and short operation time, suitable for automated library preparation instrument
Flexible Solutions
Various RNA enrichment methods and sequencing read lengths to meet the needs of different sample types


Sample type RNA enrichment method Read length Applications
Eukaryotic total RNA with high integrity Poly(A)+ mRNA enriched by oligo(dT) beads SE50/ PE100/ PE150 mRNA quantification and transcriptome analysisMRNA
Degraded RNA from FFPE samples or plasma cell-free RNA etc. rRNA depleted with rRNA depletion kit SE50/ PE100 RNA quantification and transcriptome analysis


Product name MGIEasy RNA Library Prep Set
Version V3.0
Reaction/Set 16 RXN (1000006383)\ 96 RXN (1000006384)
Storage temperature requirement -18℃~-25℃
Input Quantity 10 ng-1 ug of total RNA
Sample types tissues, plasma and FFPE sample
Species Compatibility Human, animals, plants, fungi and bacteria such as, mouse, rice, Arabidopsis, yeast and E.coli.
Assay Time 7 h
Applications RNA-Seq, Transcriptome Sequencing
Platform Compatibility BGISEQ-500, DNBSEQ-G400,MGISEQ-2000
Recommended Read Length SE50/PE100/PE150
Recommended sequencing data per sample 25 M raw reads(SE50)/8 Gb raw data(PE100/PE150)


Data Sheet MGIEasy RNA Directional Library Pre Set Download
User Manual 1000006383, 1000006384-MGIEasy RNA Library Prep Kit User Manual Download

This file contains comprehensive information about the product, including detailed operating instructions, reagent supplies and equipment to be used.
Demo Data Read Length: PE150       Sample: UHRR       Platform:DNBSEQ-G400/ MGISEQ-2000

I  Fastq Download
II  Fastq Download
III  Fastq Download
 Fastq Download

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