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MGICare Single Cell Chromosomal Copy Number Variation Detection Kit

Copy Number Variant (CNV) analysis has been widely applied for scientific research and clinical uses such as evolutionary research, regulation of gene expression, and reproductive genetics. Take preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) as an example. PGS is the genetic test to identify genetic defects within embryos before implantation. It helps select the best embryo for transplant to the uterus and improve the chances of successful pregnancy. However, the amount of DNA from a few cells obtained by embryo biopsy is too limited to perform this molecular analysis. Hence, PGS requires gene amplification methods to amplify scarce genomic DNA from single cell.

This kit offer solutions for single-cell DNA sequencing. It incorporates the whole genomic application (WGA) technology and next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology to analyze chromosomal abnormalities in a single cell accurately.

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Low input amounts

The experiment process is simple and fast

High stability of library construction

High uniformity of whole genome amplification

Excellent data performance


Product name

MGICare Single Cell Chromosomal Copy Number Variation Detection Kit

Assay Time
~6.5 h
Hands-On Time
~1 h
Input Quantity
1 cell~10 cells
Sample types
Human cell
Chromosomal copy number variation detection
Platform Compatibility
BGISEQ-500、BGISEQ-50、MGISEQ-2000、MGISEQ-200 and so on
Recommended Read Length
Recommended software
Preimplantation aneuploidy detection software
Recommended sequencing data
10 M raw reads(SE35)

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