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MGICare BRCA1/2 Sequencing Library Preparation Kit

The MGICare BRCA1/2 Sequencing Library Preparation Kit is designed for the genetic risk assessment of breast and ovarian cancer using MGI sequencing platforms. Based on optimized multiplex PCR technology and MGI high-throughput sequencing platforms, the kit is applicable for germline mutation detection in the BRCA1/2 coding region of breast/ovarian cancer susceptibility genes.


Lower sample input: Recommended input is 20 ng/sample, minimum input is 2 ng/sample of high quality gDNA
Suitable for multiple sample types: Compatible with gDNA of blood, saliva, and cervical exfoliated cells, etc.
Easy operation: Easy to operate and can be automated
Excellent performance: Capture rate >96%; Uniformity (0.2 x mean)>95%


Product Name MGICare BRCA1/2 Sequencing Library Preparation Kit
Gene involved All coding regions of BRCA1/2 and exon-intron junction regions
Sample Type Saliva, Blood, Cervical swab
PN. 1000009522
Configuration 96 RXN
Validity period 12 months
Enrichment Method Multiplex PCR
Primer Pools 2 pools
Amplicons 195
Amplicon Size 81-160 bp
Platform Compatibility


Recommended Read Length PE100

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