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MGI and AmCare Genomics Laboratory reached strategic cooperation in genetic diseases


Recently, Shenzhen MGI Technology Co., Ltd. and AmCare Genomics Laboratory reached a strategic cooperation agreement in the clinical application direction of single gene genetic disease detection. AmCare Genomics Laboratory will develop a whole-process overall solution for genetic testing of single-gene genetic diseases based on MGI's high-throughput sequencing platform to realize the localization, automation and intelligence of genetic disease testing from sample to report interpretation.

Duncan Yu, president of MGI, said: “AmCare Genomics Laboratory has rich and in-depth experience in the diagnosis of genetic diseases. The strategic cooperation with AmCare Genomics Laboratory will further expand the application of MGI's sequencing technology in the field of genetic diseases. MGI is committed to creating an open genetic sequencing platform to provide users with more powerful production tools. We are willing to work with industry partners to jointly promote the high-throughput sequencing industry in China."

General Manager Zhang Jia of AmCare Genomics Laboratory said, “The sequencing platform created by MGI has obvious advantages in the application of genetic disease detection. AmCare Genomics Laboratory hopes to pass the experience of genetic testing and genetic counseling through this strategic cooperation. Combined with the advantages of MGI's technology platform, we have developed genetic disease testing products that better meet the needs of doctors and patients.

AmCare Genomics Laboratory is the first third-party clinical genetic testing service organization in China with three accredited international clinical genetic qualifications. MGI and AmCare Genomics Laboratory also mark the ecological partner of its DNBSEQTM sequencing platform. Rapid expansion to the emerging field of genetic diseases. It is understood that genetic diseases involve a wide variety of diseases, a wide range of genes to be detected, and higher requirements on the data production capacity and quality of sequencing platforms. The comprehensive Qualcomm created by MGI, the mass spectrometers DNBSEQ-G400 [1] and ultra-high-throughput sequencer DNBSEQ-T7 can effectively support the application requirements of such large data volume detection. The strategic cooperation between the two parties will promote the prevention and control of birth defects in China. The establishment of clinical genetics specialists to achieve "localization, specialization" in this field to provide quality and convenient professional services for more patients.

[1]Remark: DNBSEQ-G400 remain the original product name as MGISEQ-2000 in China and some other overseas countries.

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