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Invitation -- Join MGI at Genomics Science 2019

Two scientists from MGI are set to present at the 2019 Genome Science conference, held in the historic and beautiful city of Edinburgh Sept. 3-5. The conference continues to attract more than 250 delegates from academia, healthcare and industry with a focus on genomic technologies and genome science. This year the conference will again bring together scientists from around the world and from all backgrounds to share ideas, innovations and advances in the rapidly evolving field of high throughput sequencing technologies and -omics data analysis.

Dr. Rade Drmanac, chief scientific officer of MGI, will present the latest developments and ideas of high-throughput sequencing technology. Dr. Zhouchun Shang from BGI Research will also share the advantages and progress in single-cell omics based on DNBSEQTM technology. MGI welcomes attendees to visit Booth #15 to learn more about MGI's innovative sequencing technology.


Tuesday, Sept. 3 16:40 - 17:00

A New Generation of NGS: PCR-free DNBSEQTM + CoolNGS Chemistry with Unlabeled Nucleotides + Single-tube Unique Co-barcoding (stLFR).

Speaker: Rade Drmanac, CSO of MGI

MGI CSO Dr. Radoje (Rade) Drmanac, co-founder of Complete Genomics and senior vice president of BGI Group, is a research scientist and inventor in the field of human genome sequencing including techniques such as DNA sequencing-by-hybridization (SBH), genomic micro- and nanoarrays, combinatorial probe ligation, and long fragment read (LFR) process for accurate whole genome sequencing and haplotyping from 10 human cells.

Thursday, Sept. 5 10:35 - 10:50

Dissecting Cell Heterogeneity Using Single-cell Omics powered by DNBSEQTM

Speaker: Zhouchun Shang, Group Leader of BGI Research

Dr. Zhouchun Shang received her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Tongji University, where she studied the molecular regulation of cell fate decision in human early neural differentiation by single-cell transcriptome approach. She joined BGI-Shenzhen in 2010 and became group leader in 2012. She is also an associate professor of Northwest University in Xi'an, China. Combined with trans-omics platform, her group focuses on embryonic development as well as stem cell research, includingchromatin regulatory landscape during human pre- and post-implantation development; and with single-cell omics technology the group studies heterogeneity and functionally-distinct subsets, including single-cell transcriptome profiling of human placenta. She has published in journals, including Nature Communications, Cell Research, GigaScience, Cell Death & Disease, and Nature Cell Biology and obtained over 8 patents.

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